Wonkette posted video of Michele Bachmann saying incredibly stupid things about health care. Here, watch this:

If you don't have video, here's some of what she says:

[Health care is] an opportunity that some people choose to engage in, but 40 million people do not...And the premise was made that people don’t buy insurance because they can’t afford it. That’s not true. There are people who just decide they want to roll the dice and take their chances that they won’t need insurance.

We could rage at the dumb things that fall out of Michele Bachmann's mouth all the time—there are people who want to "roll the dice" and smoke crack, but Bachmann doesn't support their rights as Americans, for example—but it's kind of like like trying to shove the ocean into a Coke can. Who has that kind of time? Let me just say that it's incredible to me that we live in the twenty first century and there are idiots like this who want to claim that health care is not a basic human right.