ThinkProgress links to an interesting story from

[Tyler] Alred, 17, pled guilty to manslaughter after he drove his vehicle into a tree, killing a 16-year-old passenger, John Luke Dum. Alred had been drinking, but was not legally drunk. Because Alred was prosecuted as a youthful offender, Norman had more discretion in deciding the teen’s punishment.

The judge gave Alred a choice: he could avoid prison as long as he was willing to attend church for ten years, as well as complete high school, train as a welder, and give up alcohol, drugs and tobacco for one year.

Besides being unconstitutional, there's an interesting statement about priorities hidden in this verdict: Alred is supposed to go to church for a decade, but he only has to abstain from booze and drugs for a year. What I'm taking from this is that it's more important to be publicly repentant than it is to actually learn a lesson.