So this happened over the weekend:

PARK CITY, Utah — Mitt Romney’s ideas summit here was intended to be a passing of the torch to the Republican Party’s would-be saviors, with five potential 2016 presidential candidates jetting in to schmooze with many of the GOP’s biggest donors and present their agendas for the country’s future.

Instead, the scene at a luxury resort in the Rocky Mountains quickly became a Romney revival. Minutes after the 2012 Republican presidential nominee welcomed his 300 guests, Joe Scarborough, the MSNBC host and former GOP congressman, urged them to begin a “Draft Romney” movement in 2016.

Romney swears he's not running, but he also has some ideas about how to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016. Why Republicans would want to take advice on winning 2016 from the losing 2012 presidential candidate remains to be seen. But with polling results like this...

...maybe Romney 2016 isn't such a bad idea for Republicans after all.