One of the poets waves to his adoring audience after delivering a new verse.
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  • One of the poets waves to his adoring audience after delivering a new verse.

Ebola: The ISIS of Biological Agents? [1.]

The protocol for a positive Ebola test
should be
immediate humane execution
sanitization of the whole area.
That will save lives. [2.]

They say it's hard to get
Obama's telling us that
the CDC guy is telling us it's
they're telling us we've got
nothing to worry about
David something-or-other
he actually said
in his own politically correct way
that we bear
the responsibility for these people
in Africa getting this disease
and we can't turn our backs
on them
because of that. [3.]

Which is a more dangerous infection:
#Ebola, or the dreams from [Obama's] father? [4.]

I don't want to sound alarmist

we don't want people to get cast
into a panic
but this administration,
as you well know,
has a real serious
on a whole lot of things
when it comes to taking things
Whether it's ISIL or ISIS,
whether it's IRS,
you can go right down the list
and so
it doesn't foment faith
in people
to think
that our administration's
on top of [Ebola]
when they've
got such an
abysmal track record. [5.]

You also have to be concerned about 3,000 soldiers
getting back on a ship
can you imagine
if a whole ship full of our soldiers
catch Ebola?
There are people getting it
who simply helped people get
in or out
of a taxicab.
I think
because of political correctness
we’re not really making
sound, rational, scientific decisions on this. [6.]

Well that means that anything that happens
to anybody here
because of that policy
we kind of deserve
and it's a perverted convoluted way of thinking
and it's there.
Political correctness has been around
for a long time
and it's always been over there
it's always been fringe
But it isn't fringe
because we've elected people
who think this way. [3.]


1. Actual CNN headline.

2. Actual tweet by the actual former executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party.

3. Actual verbal pieces of trash spawned by the mouth of actual piece of trash Rush Limbaugh.

4. Actual Facebook post written by honest-to-God violator of campaign law Dinesh D'Souza.

5. Actual quote from an actual Texas Representative who is actually named Randy Weber.

6. Actual things honestly said by a real-life Kentucky senator named Rand Paul.