God bless.
  • Mary Numair
  • God bless.

I mean, the headline says it all, right? According to Slate, Purringtons Cat Lounge employee Mary Numair spotted anti-abortion protesters outside the Planned Parenthood health center on NE MLK Sunday, and improvised her own counter-protest with a supportive sign and chants about yeast infections. Numair explained to Slate that she wanted to thank Planned Parenthood for yeast infection treatment she was able to access at a Washington health center during a time when she was uninsured. The whole article is worth a read, but this is the truly crucial moment:

Numair’s best friend and co-worker clocked in early so she could head out to the protest, where she planted herself between two families with children. “In my first 30 seconds of walking out there, I did get called a whore,” Numair said. “One woman was shaking her head. I knelt down to her kid and said, ‘Do you know about yeast infections?’ ”

So this is a genius tactic, because while abortion is a perfectly legal, comparatively low-risk medical procedure, yeast infections are MOST ASSUREDLY the work of the devil. Now might be a good time to revisit my helpful guide to protesting protesters outside abortion clinics. And confidential to Mary Numair: This is an A+ counter-protest. Please keep up the great work.