Sean Spicers got problems.
Sean Spicer's got problems. AARON P. BERNSTEIN

Yesterday, Sean Spicer's daily briefing was so bad, White House officials had to back-pedal on a claim that President Trump was ready to take further action if Syrian President Bahar al-Assad’s regime continued to bomb civilians. ("If you gas a baby, if you put a barrel bombing to innocent people, I think you can see a response from this president," Spicer said, responding to a question during the briefing. "That's unacceptable.") The White House's clarification: the press secretary misspoke, he did not mean that there would be a change in administration policy, and no, we aren't drawing a line in the sand and starting a war with Syria.

Today, he stuck his foot in his mouth and choked on it, comparing the Syrian regime to Adolf Hitler, who "didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons” during World War II, then tried to adjust his comments, claiming Hitler "was not using the gas on his own people the same way that Assad is doing." Um, what? Either he's living in an alternate universe where the Holocaust didn't happen, or Hitler's systematic mass killings in stationary gas chambers slipped Spicer's wee little mind. Either way, he looks like a dumb schmuck, which makes me wonder for the umpteenth time how he's kept his job so long when he's obviously very, very bad at it. The worst!

A video segment from the conference below.