Marie Claire:

In a The Onion-style moment, Melania Trump boarded a plane to visit immigrant children apparently wearing a jacket that said, "I Really Don't Care. Do u?" according to The Daily Mail. The jacket she appeared to be wearing is $39 from Zara.... Melania wore the jacket as she boarded a plane en route to Texas, where she visited an immigrant children detention facility. [It's] worth mentioning that the First Lady didn't wear it in Texas or anywhere close to the immigrant facility. Still: Melania must have known where she was going when she put on the jacket and boarded the plane.

The Daily Mail isn't always, erm, a completely reliable news source. But the First Lady's spokesperson has confirmed that, yes, she was wearing that jacket when she left for Texas. CNN's Jim Acosta tweets...

Count me among the Jacket Truthers: it was no accident.