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Are you under the impression that you're "smart"? Do you think you're well-versed in what's happening around Portland? Well, prove it to yourself and the world by taking the POP QUIZ PDX—a new, weekly quiz chock full of sassy, fun, multiple choice questions about what happened in Portland during the past week, along with a couple of rando questions just for laughs.

Take the quiz, submit your answers, and you'll instantly get your score that will tell you in no uncertain terms HOW SMART YOU AM. Here's the scoring key (out of a possible 100 points).

100 points = "I am a goddamn genius! GIVE ME YOUR SANDWICH!"
90 = "I am almost a goddamn genius. Here's my sandwich."
80 = "I am achingly close to genius-ness. Let me make you a sandwich."
70 = "I may not be a genius, but I'm pretty dang smart. Running to the store for sandwich fixin's."
60 = "I am somewhat smart. Let me pay for the sandwich fixin's."
50 or below = "What's a sandwich?"

Take the POP QUIZ PDX below, and come back next Friday for a new quiz!