WHAT'S UP, BRAINIAC? Let's put that sexy brain to the test with the newest POP QUIZ PDXβ€”our weekly quiz chock full of sassy, fun, multiple choice questions about what happened in Portland during the past week, along with a couple of rando questions just for laughs.

But first... HOW DID YOU DO ON LAST WEEK'S QUIZ? Pretty dang good! Most of you aced the majority of questions... though you did have a tough time with our weekly "subjective" query, this time about the most annoying radio artists. As the results show, it's not that you were "wrong" per se... you were just "less right" than me. But I bet you'll nail this week's question about... REPUBLICAN BUMPER STICKERS!


OKAY, LET'S SEE HOW YOU DO THIS TIME! Take this week's quiz, make sure to scroll to the bottom to submit your answers, and you'll instantly get your score that will tell you in no uncertain terms HOW SMART YOU AM. Here's the scoring key (out of a possible 100 points).

100 points = "I am a goddamn genius!"
90 = "I am almost a goddamn genius."
80 = "I am achingly close to genius-ness."
70 = "I may not be a genius, but I'm pretty dang smart."
60 = "I am somewhat smart."
50 or below = "What am smart?"

Take this week's POP QUIZ PDX below, take our previous pop quizzes here, and come back next Friday for a brand spankin' new quiz! Now get your brain motor runnin', and LET'S FUCKING ACE THIS QUIZ!