So mixy-matchy! Marissa Sullivan

Surprise! Another New York thing is here. Am I mad about it? Not in the slightest. Let’s be honest: Portland has a lot of exports. (Brooklyn has not one but two Sizzle Pie locations.) And I’m not saying we’re dying for more imports, but if Portland gets a few more cool clothing/accessories/jewelry shops like In God We Trust (IGWT), we’ll become a serious shopping destination—you can quote me on that. I realize in this ever-growing city where traffic sucks all the time, and cranes are crowding the skyline, this is an unpopular thing to say. So may I defend myself, and possibly IGWT?

First of all, as far as chains go, it’s a very small one. There are three IGWT locations: one in Williamsburg, another in Greenpoint, and now one on North Williams. Plus, all of IGWT’s design and manufacturing happens here in the USA, and all their jewelry is produced in their Brooklyn workspace. So before leaping into judgment mode, check out the new location, and introduce yourself to the absolutely sweet owner of IGWT, Shana Tabor. Take it from me, IGWT is an import we can welcome with open arms! And get a look at the cuties who were there when I popped by.

The bag! The vintage sweatshirt! The shoes... collectively!  Marissa Sullivan
This color can do no wrong. (Extra credit for a drop-waist jumpsuit.)  Marissa Sullivan
Just loved it all, but the black socks with clogs were really selling me. Marissa Sullivan
Her butt was selling me, too! As well as that vintage satin jacket.  Marissa Sullivan
Sass level: 10 Marissa Sullivan
Marissa Sullivan
IGWT owner Shana Tabor showing us why she’s the boss. Marissa Sullivan
Marissa Sullivan