The aforementioned Kardashian-esque sister… Marissa Sullivan

I knew I HAD a very busy Saturday filled with errands ahead of me, followed by a desperate search for street style to hit a looming deadline. My day started at Portland Nursery (90th and Division) to grab a couple of things. Definitely not a “see and be seen” part of town... or is it? The minute I walked in, I spotted a cute couple—the girl was wearing knee-highs and clogs—but unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough with my camera to catch them. Then I turned a corner to see yet another cute couple! I kept shopping and caught what looked like two sisters (the oldest was Kardashian-esque) and their little brother taking photos of EVERYTHING. That’s when I decided I had to pull out my camera. Man! Who knew that running errands on a Saturday afternoon could drum up enough cuties for an entire column? But it certainly did. I guess I’ll be camping out there again next weekend!

…and sis #2 (they were both big fans of the Huarache). Marissa Sullivan
It’s officially lined Sherpa jacket season. Marissa Sullivan
Again with the Sherpa. Marissa Sullivan
Marissa Sullivan
Cute family alert! Marissa Sullivan
Never mad at all black when done well. Marissa Sullivan