Fitting right in with ’70s-style knits. Marissa Sullivan

I bought a house recently, and have been trying to decorate my guest room in the most accurate Golden Girls style possible. What does this involve? Well, fresh pink paint on the walls accented with banana leaf wallpaper, and lots and LOTS of wicker and bamboo accessories. I found a ton at the Goodwill by my house, but if I’m really looking to do my best version of Blanche Devereaux’s bedroom, I need more bamboo. That’s where Sugar Mountain Vintage comes in. Their Instagram shows they have a huge selection, so naturally I got there as soon as I could. When I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by both how much bamboo I was able to score, and how cute the shoppers (both human and pup) were!

Looking good in a black version of the cat-eye glasses made famous by Kurt Cobain. Marissa Sullivan
Check out the flattering pair of high-waisted, wide-leg denim and long-sleeved crop. Perfect for a sunny but chilly early fall day. Marissa Sullivan
An adorable pair, both in navy blue. Marissa Sullivan
She wasn’t expecting to have her picture taken—which makes her all the cuter. Love the open-toe mules with distressed denim and flannel. Marissa Sullivan
Killing it in high-waisted plaid, Members Only-esque jacket, and Cons. It’s giving off an “I’m an extra in an ’80s movie” vibe. (Maybe Sixteen Candles?) Marissa Sullivan