Marissa Sullivan

What can be said of the amateur porn festival HUMP! that hasn’t been said before? (Especially in this newspaper, where it’s mentioned ALL THE TIME. Oh right, now’s a good time to do one of those “full disclosure” things where I tell you the paper you’re reading is the very same one that sponsors the event. THE VERY SAME!) Yep, HUMP! is the brainchild of our beloved sex columnist Dan Savage, and is already a national success—as well as the subject of Lynn Shelton’s 2009 mumblecore movie Humpday. And the last compliment I’ll give it is this: Never in a million years did I think I’d watch over an hour’s worth of porn in a theater with a bunch of strangers. But I’ve done it for the last seven years, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Thank you, HUMP!, for bringing me out of my “not watching porn in public” shell. I will be forever grateful. ;) 

Is it a coincidence that this picture was number 1169 in my camera? I think not. Marissa Sullivan
Coat, hair, and beanie: a warm weather dream girl if you ask me! Marissa Sullivan
Military bad bitch perfection, complete with pose!  Marissa Sullivan
She was a dream from head to toe; he had a kinky shirt on. Marissa Sullivan
Loved her glasses and palazzo pants. Not pictured: a v cute rucksack. Marissa Sullivan
Love her red hair and booties. (He was excited about them, too.)  Marissa Sullivan
Liked it all—coat and brogues the best!  Marissa Sullivan