Photos by Marissa Sullivan

The Mercury’s annual holiday parties are the stuff of legend. One year it was sponsored by Sparks Plus before anybody knew what it was, and when everyone started chugging it like beer, well, things got a little... sticky. I also have it on good authority that one year, a former employee stole a car to get to the party. But most of the time it’s just me, my coworkers, and ex-coworkers singing, hugging, and getting really drunk.

Have I ever attended this party completely sober? Why yes! One year when it was at the Voicebox, I was designated driver for my friends and still had a great time! Coincidentally, that was the only year someone (freelance photographer and favorite-person-ever-since Minh Tran) said I had a good singing voice. Never heard that before or since, so thanks Minh, love you!

This year’s staff shindig went down at the Lay Low Tavern (shout out to the great staff there!), where we once again drank, partied, and celebrated loving where we work. Thanks to the flowing alcohol, things once again devolved quickly and in very fun ways. For example, we created a new inside joke after I misunderstood someone, so from here on out when we identify someone as really rich, we’re calling them, “Kinkos rich.” I don’t know why! Maybe because you’ve got money to pay for color copies and lamination? But you heard it here first, so let’s make it stick!

Noah and I interned together! He’s great and his GF looked super cute in vintage Levis and a holiday sweater, really nailing the casual holiday attire look. Marissa Sullivan
Of course, our fashion events editor was the most stylish in the room, wearing an ’80s pencil skirt reminiscent of Bowie... who I happen to know is her fave guy! (Besides her husband and KJ of the night DJ Gregarious, of course.) Marissa Sullivan
My boy Minh Tran always brings a cute plus one. This year it happened to be my girl Cat, who brought that substitute teacher holiday sweatshirt vibe. Marissa Sullivan
Our metal writer Aris Wales always looks the part, and is straight killing it in a Muppets Animal shirt that read “Seasons Beatings” under a green stonewashed denim jacket. (Man, I really gotta check out this guy’s closet.) Marissa Sullivan
Ahhhh, my old fearless leader, Marjorie Skinner. I love a good oversized sweater paired with some Stans. (She’s got to wear those now that she’s living that three-stripe life.) Marissa Sullivan
This guy wrote one of my favorite articles of 2017. If you haven’t checked out Morgan Troper’s “Song of the Red States,” about the Bi-Mart Willamette Country Music Festival, do yourself a favor and look it up. Oh, and his plus one’s faux fur, stonewashed jeans, and boots were a hit as well. Marissa Sullivan
I love this sweater more than I love anyone else in the room. Thank Dog he showed up. Marissa Sullivan
Loving Lay Low’s Twin Peaks vibe, and it paired perfectly with Senior Editor Megan Burbank’s vintage red dress.  Marissa Sullivan
Our sales gals looking fire AF in crushed velvet and matchy-matchy purse and shoes. Looking good, ladies! Mwah! Marissa Sullivan
This guy keeps us in coffee, hence the pin on his sweet wool shirt.  Marissa Sullivan
Some extra cute partygoers. Marissa Sullivan