Full disclosure: Very recently I began volunteering at the Oregon Humane Society (I'm building up dog walking hours to become an off-campus dog runner), and this Sunday I'll be lending a hand at the 12th annual Pug Crawl, dorky OHS apron and all. However we've put this event on our My What A Busy Week! page many times over the years, and it just lost by a hair this time to some dumbshit indie rock band or something, so this isn't just my bias speaking. (Besides, every time I go into that building I come out carrying a torch for a favorite underdog, and exercise great restraint in not posting their adoption pages regularly, so just let me have this.)

So anyhow, here's the drill: "Pug Nation" is a round-up of about 500 dogs (non-pugs are welcome) for a day of food, beer, live music, and the crown jewel of the day's festivities: The Parade of Pugs, a procession of 100+ costumed pugs competing for the title of "President of Pug Nation." If you haven't caught it yet, this year has a presidential election theme, which has borne out an array of puns that even I have to hold my nose before uttering, most notably "Repuglican" and "Demopug."

Ugh, ok forget I just said that. The point is, it's set to be a gorgeous day and we should be outside drinking beer, watching dogs in silly clothes (they love it), and making fun of my wildly unflattering volunteer badge photo. Meet me on Sunday at MacTarnahan's Taproom at 1 pm for a party that boasts both a pug kissing booth and pug washing. A $10 donation is requested and 100% of proceeds go to help the animals.

Last years Voodoo Pug winner at yet another pun-tastically themed Puglandia event.
  • Oregon Humane Society
  • Last year's Voodoo Pug winner at yet another pun-tastically themed "Puglandia" event.