Pet adoption—especially on behalf of others—should not be reckless. Don't surprise someone with a pet as a gift unless you are sure they want exactly that kind of pet. In fact, I don't even know if we should be thinking of it that way at all. Maybe think of it as you giving yourself—complete with warm home, loving heart, and gentle patience—as a gift to a little beastie who'd like nothing more than to ditch the shelter life for the holidays and forever. Now that's the spirit of the season.

The good folks over at Multnomah County Animal Services are getting into it with a crazy concept to get as many of their pets into homes as possible this month: the Home for the Holidays program matches adoption fees to the date. That means that if you adopt a pet who's over six months old today, the adoption fee is just one dollar. Tomorrow it will be two, and I trust you're following the math here well enough to know that the day after tomorrow it will be three dollars, and so forth.

Now let's get to the fun part where we squander the remainder of the workday by scoping profiles of adoptable pets. MultCo Pets is open till 6 and there's bunnies and rats too! Who's in?

  • Multnomah County Animal Services
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