John Shore diagnoses what ails—and so thoroughly warps—many Christian priests and pastors:

A great many men go into the profession of spiritual leader because—and to whatever degree they’re aware of it—they are at war with their sexuality. They enroll in seminary at least partly because they are convinced that the closer they get to God, the further they’ll get from their genitals. God will save them from their evil thoughts. God will vanquish their craven desires. Once and for all will God, by the healing power of His merciful glory, deliver them from their dicks.

Which, of course, never, ever, ever works.

John is addressing one particular pastor in his post—a man who told a teenage girl who had just been violently raped that she should've fought back and died because "at least" she would've "died a virgin"—but that pastor isn't the only one out there who damages others while waging a futile and losing war on his own dick. Go read the whole thing.