Everyone's worried that they are taking up too much space. A straight man feels guilty that he signed up for an activity meant for folks in the LGBT community. And, a transman ventured into a gay leather bar with his girlfriend and got the stink-eye. Is it cool to bring your girlfriend into a dedicated gay male space?

Everybody's talking about the new animated educational series "Welcome to Kinkyville" that's being developed. Dan interviews co-creator/host Emily Blake about this awesome project, and how YOU (yes you, dear listener) can get involved. Check it out at

On the Magnum, each and every year a woman takes a family vacation with her overbearing, materialistic, unpleasant brother. How can she wiggle out of this annual obligation?

And, it's a couple's "holy grail" to get his nipples to be as sensitive as hers. Is he permanently wired to have tough ole nips? Dan offers a pragmatic regimen.

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