Happy holidays everyone, whoโ€™s up for some label salad? A cassgendered, demi, pan person has a partner who was assigned male at birth but is taking hormones to be more feminine. The partner feels non-gendered, and enjoys having both a penis and breasts. But they feel they have to present as male because they live in a conservative area. They are only attracted to women, and wonders what label to use when filling out dating profiles.

A bi woman met a man on an app, who lives in another town. He came to visit, and brought a woman with him so they could all have a three-way. It went great, but the caller grooved with the woman much more than the man. Tragically, she failed to get her contact info. When they parted the man cut off all contact and is effectively twat-blocking the caller from reaching out to the gal. Itโ€™s an outrage!

No one can bring the holiday cheer quite like our favorite dominatrix, Mistress Matisse! She is on to answer questions from listeners who are considering getting into sex work. Is it a good idea? Some of it is on the Micro and all of it is on the Magnum.

And, a woman has been having casual sex with a man half her age. Sweet! But thereโ€™s a hitch. He is engaged to be wed to a woman his parents have arranged for him. He wants to honor the family and go through with the marriage, though he would much rather be with the caller. Should she leave him alone and let him get on with it, or keep screwing him because life is short?

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