Cis bisexual guy here in his 20s. In the entire time I’ve been sexually active, I’ve pretty much been able to finish whenever I’d like. I’ve literally never once finished too quickly. That said, the idea of being unable to hold back my orgasm and coming too quickly has always been a big turn on for me. So much so, that in more than a few past relationships/hookups, I’ve found myself inducing a premature ejaculation. Some partners are kind and supportive about it, some seem a little annoyed or bothered. Both reactions are equally hot to me! It doesn’t happen every time I have sex, and I’m always down to take care of my partner’s orgasm in other ways either before or after the penetrative sex has come to its brief conclusion.

I’m not so much worried about if my kink is normal, but is it ethical? I haven’t told any of my hookups or long-term partners this about myself and am worried that doing so might lessen the turn on. But I do feel a little guilty that I could prolong the thrusting before I get to the busting and am pretending that I can’t for my own selfish ends. Do I owe it to them to let them know?

Finished And Secretly Thrilled

First, a pet peeve: don’t use the passive voice when talking about things you choose to do during sex...

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