When we asked Portland to nominate who they thought were the Sexiest Sex Workers in town, we were flooded with responses.

And here are the winners: The two top-voted, hardest working, sexiest sex workers of the year!

  • Photo by Ray Gordon

Elle Lynn Stanger


Lucky Devil Lounge

633 SE Powell


MERCURY: What does your job as a dancer entail?

ELLE LYNN STANGER: I'm a muse besides just a dancer, because we entertain and interact. People come in to relax, and some dancers are very soothing. I had a guy tell me that I'm cheaper than a therapist. They know we're not going to judge them, and a lot of people that want to get private dances—they don't care if I'm naked or not. Sometimes they just want a hug.

Is that legal?

If I'm clothed, and I hug them.

What kind of clientele do you tend to attract?

There was one guy whose wife had a brain tumor and he was her caretaker, but he couldn't be sexual or affectionate with her anymore. Other people have just been single for a really long time and they want to be around pretty girls.

What's your performance style like?

I'm not a butt shaker. I had a decade of ballet, and dance is in my family. I want people to appreciate the skill it takes to do what I do. My stage attire is dependent on how I'm feeling, but I'm kind of more of a girl-next-door pole-monkey ballerina.

Have you ever injured yourself onstage?

I fell on my scapula once when I was first starting to do inverted positions, and I have constant bruises. I love to drink—that's my one thing, I don't smoke or do drugs—but I try not to get drunk while I'm at work so I don't hurt myself.

What's the most rewarding thing about your work?

I love the look on people's faces when they're pleased with the way I dance. Also the freedom of expression we have at the club. No one's going to tell me I need to get a tan or hair extensions. Variety is appreciated. Portland's very spoiled in that sense.

Are there any downsides?

People who come in looking to antagonize the girls, insulting us, or the way we look. Luckily that's not common, though.

Has dancing changed the way you feel about yourself or your body?

I'm more self-aware. The way I walk, square my shoulders, my confidence. I don't cross my arms. No one wants to see a girl with her arms crossed. It hasn't affected my sex life at all by making intimacy more difficult, or by inspiring jealousy.

What about your relationship with your family?

I brought my mom in to the club—she's a dance teacher—and she was amazed at what the dancers could do. She told me, "Seeing where you work, I don't worry."

Elle can be found dancing at the Lucky Devil Lounge every Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 pm until closing.

  • Photo by Ray Gordon

Montrell Cotton

Front Desk Attendant

Steam Portland

2885 NE Sandy


MERCURY: What does your job at Steam Portland entail?

MONTRELL COTTON: Making sure the laundry is all caught up, getting people checked in and out quickly, making sure everything is clean and that the members feel welcome. You can get an individual room, or you can rent a double, but you can have as many people in your room as you want, they just have to rent lockers. There's the big communal steam room, then we have a play area called the Dark Room. It's all dark, and has two glory holes and a sitting area. We have a sun deck if people want to tan. There's also a small mini theater with porn playing. We have another room called A Room with a View, which has an exhibitionist window. We also have a sling room and a hot tub, too, that has a projection of porn playing in front of it. Our busiest nights are Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. I work graveyard—it's open 24 hours a day. The only time we're not open is Christmas, Thanksgiving, and for the company picnic.

Do you get hit on while you're at work?

I do generally get that, and there are always guys that want to look at my hair. We're not allowed to play on shifts. No cock on the clock. If they're really interested, there will be guys who will wait around until after our shifts, and we can play then. I usually just go home unless there's a really hot guy there. Then I... you know... 

How did you get the job?

I had lost my job—I had been working at Target. I was depressed about it, and found myself drinking a lot, doing a lot of hanging out and clubbing. I went to my friend's house and was on his computer on Craigslist and saw the posting for a job opening. I was dared to apply. If you dare me to do something, nine times out of 10, I'll do it. Amazingly, I got a call back the next day. I didn't take it seriously at first. I went to the job interview and I wasn't even groomed correctly. My clothes weren't pressed out or anything. I was just being myself. The whole time we were talking we were laughing, and I just felt like I was getting to know a couple of really cool guys. Believe it or not, we have really good benefits. We have medical, dental. Every year they give you a raise. It's a really good job.

Is there anything about it you don't like?

I don't like cleaning the steam room. I'll come out and my hair's all poufy. The steam room got to it.

What's the most memorable thing that ever happened to you on the job?

I think it was gay pride, and we had a porn star. He was, like, totally amazing, doing his thing, caressing himself, masturbating and stuff. He started pulling up regular members. He had this really massive orgy going on and it was really hot. It even stopped me from working. I was just watching. It was so friggin' hot.