Stephen Malkmus has a problem. A blowjob problem. His latest single, "Senator," mentions oral sex and Matador Records fears the track (which is really good) will be ignored by rock radio due to its controversial content. And yet they have no trouble playing Sublime every five minutes...

Here's how it works: Come up with a family-friendly replacement for the word "blowjob" that can appear on radio stations. When Matador sends the song to radio stations at the end of September, Stephen Malkmus will sing the winning entry, and the winner will get a 7" single that features the winner's radio version on one side and the original song on the flip. It's a one-of-a-kind pressing, which means you will be the person only person in the world who owns the single rarest record in the Matador catalog. The contest info is here. The deadline for entries is August 23, with the winner announced on September 15.

Huh, I thought Malkmus already addressed this issue when he wrote this song. Oh well.


Stephen Malkmus - "Senator"

End Hits: Too Short never had this problem.