Portland rapper/dancer/multidisciplinary artist Maarquii recently dropped their debut full-length, C.A.B.O, which stands for "cut a bitch off." In addition to the title track, the rest of the album is filled with even more important phrases to live by. There's throbbing industrial production by JVNITOR that makes you want to bounce that ass; flawless delivery that'll snatch your edges; and a bunch of ominous-yet-cute giggles from Maarquii sprinkled throughout.

C.A.B.O's opener is the excellent lead single "Roll Up," the video for which never gets old.

Another immediate favorite is "Taalk Shiit," with it's catchy beat and lyrics: Maarquii repeats the chorus "Trippin' ass hoes/you pressed over Instagram woes/cocaine all up in your nose," and then gets into it in the verses and with a talking segment, in which Maarquii demands to be taken seriously.

I'm also really into the freaky-deaky track "An Actual Problem," with its sinister, slow-crawling production. Maarquii performed the song at Portland Hip-hop Day this year (as a guest performer during Karma Rivera's set), and niggas were NOT READY for the overtly sexual, playful lyrics. Oh, but I was; it's a super fun listen. In that signature enchanting tone, Maarquii raps "Now he drunk up off my potion/lick me like me lick me up/get it wetter than the ocean," while the chorus repeats "Said he got the best dick in down/said that I should try it out for a few go rounds/For a few go rounds/I might have to throw it back for a few go rounds."

Almost all of these tracks are less than three minutes, which is probably my greatest complaint. I often found myself wanting more. Other highlights include "Taake Tiime," the title track ("it ain't nothing, cut a bitch off!"), as well as "Baaby Kiitty." I even approve of the heavy Autotune use on the "SwaampThiinger (Freestyle)."

I thoroughly enjoyed Maarquii's previous EPs like 2016's Heavy Petty, and Lullaby In Gemini the following year, but Maarquii has definitely outdone themself with this one. C.A.B.O. is lusty and intoxicating, and Maarquii's high-femme confidence feels both authentic and envy-inducing. While some people are gonna have a hard time swallowing some of the queer-centered lyrics about sexuality, there's no denying that production-wise, and delivery-wise, Maarquii's new project is dope and fierce as hell.