Remember last year, when we gave away a TBA pass to the commenter who wrote the best review of a picture of my cat? Well, I liked that so much we're doing it again. We've got one full-festival immersion pass to give away—that's a $250 value, ladies and gentleman, and it'll get you into any show except Laurie Anderson and Ant Hampton/Tim Etchells. All you gotta do to win is write the best (note: generally defined as "funniest") review of this picture of my cat:


The contest closes at 3 pm on Friday, August 29 August 31! Make sure there's a valid email address attached to the account you're logged in with, OR include your email in your comment, or else you will not win. And if you need a little inspiration, last year's How to Speak TBA guide was written for just such an occasion.

UPDATE: We decided to extend this contest a bit—I'll email a winner next week.

UPDATE: And we have a winner, winner chicken dinner! Thanks to everyone for playing!