Remember yesterday, when we said a PBOT draft document indicates Mayor Charlie Hales and Commissioner Steve Novick will propose a $11.56 per month street fee? It's still too early to say whether that will indeed be the number. Hales and Novick will formally unveil their proposal at 9 am. But here are some shots of the document we were talking about to give you a sense—or maybe an exact picture—of what's coming.

Of note in this draft: Even though it doesn't suggest a $12 fee—and would generate something like $13 million less a year than the $12 formula PBOT had talked about—it hews to the same spending ratio: 53 percent for street maintenance, 44 percent to safety initiatives, 3 percent for other stuff. Under the $8 per month ratio PBOT had also come up with, safety improvements got a smaller piece of the pie.

We'll update when we know more.