Engadget and Gizmodo both covered the big official announcement of Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7, which will go on sale on November 8th.

If you're looking for hardware comparison—just about every major manufacturer will have at least one Windows Phone 7 handset at launch, and it will be available on almost every carrier worldwide (except Verizon)—go here. If you want to take a look at the interface, this video has been online since February.

I think it looks really, really slick. And I get a little nervous at really, really slick—it looks like information isn't arranged in any particular way besides what is most aesthetically pleasing. Which is funny, because pro-Microsoft critics have been leveling the pretty-but-superficial charge at Apple for well over a decade now. But I'll reserve judgment until I play around with one and see how customizable it is. What about you?

Are you interested in switching to Windows Phone 7?