... ummm... which you probably can't watch unless you're in either a relatively small group of people, or a goddamn thief. Why? Because unless you live in England, like to steal stuff off the internet, or are a DirecTV subscriber, you won't be able to watch the Black Mirror Christmas Special tomorrow on Christmas day. Here in the states, this 90 minute long creepy special will only be broadcast on DirectTV's Audience Network at 9:30 pm on December 25. Why should you give a flip? Because the British series Black Mirror (which you can watch on Netflix) is AWWWWESOME! Here's a bit I wrote about it in I Love Television™:

Black Mirror (Netflix, all the damn time). You've probably already had seven to you should believe them! This British sci-fi anthology series (which is like The Twilight Zone for techno-paranoids) tells new stories every episode about the awesomeness and terror of modern-day technology—and I'd tell you more, but it would just take away from the beauty and horror of what you're gonna witness. Just watch it and thank me—and those other seven to nine people.

And the Black Mirror Christmas Special is shaping up to be just as creepily wonderful. Here's what Slate says about it:

Our protagonist, Matthew, is played pitch-perfectly by Jon Hamm in grinning, slightly smarmy mode. As the episode begins, he has been holed up in an endless snowstorm with Joe (Rafe Spall), a laconic, fragile man, for five years, and they are all but ignoring each other. But today is Christmas, there’s a holiday song on the radio, and Matthew wants to chat while cooking a Christmas dinner—anything would be preferable to the boredom. What then unfolds are three distinct stories embedded within the larger narrative frame of their conversation. The first makes clear what Matthew is doing in this frigid place, the second depicts his former day job, and the third explains what Joe is doing there as well, all three stories interlocking and building upon one another with increasingly elegant horror.

I'm sure it will come to Netflix eventually, but if you have a chance to catch it now? CATCH IT NOW. In the meantime, watch the rest of Black Mirror on Netflix—especially if your preferences run toward a "dark Christmas."