President Trump today at the United Nations.
President Trump today at the United Nations. Spencer Platt / Getty Images

• Why fire Rosenstein today when you can set up a cliff-hanger for Thursday?

White House officials said Monday that Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein will stay in his job for now, but will meet with the president on Thursday to discuss the tensions that officials said nearly led to his departure earlier in the day.

• Why get into a rescue boat and help victims of Hurricane Florence when photoshopping will do it for you?

• Why not go ahead and allow for the possibility that the multiple accusations of sexual impropriety against Brett Kavanaugh might—might—be more "unfair" than the ol' "rigged witch-hunt"?

“There’s a chance that this could be one of the single most unfair, unjust things to happen for a candidate for anything,” Trump said.

• Why not elevate a petty personal feud above a people's attempt at self-determination?

President Donald Trump said on Sunday that he would not support Puerto Rico’s efforts to obtain statehood if San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz continued to hold office in the U.S. territory.

Speaking on Geraldo Rivera’s radio show, Trump called Yulín Cruz “grossly incompetent” and a “horror show” who could stand in the way of Puerto Rico being granted statehood.

• Why not meet again with Kim Jong Un?

President Donald Trump, arriving at the United Nations on Monday morning, said he and Kim Jong Un will meet for a second time "quite soon."

"It looks like we'll have a second summit quite soon. As you know, Kim Jong Un wrote a letter — a beautiful letter — and asked me for a second meeting and we will be doing that."

• Why listen to your own CIA director or the former US Ambassador to the UN?

• And hey, why not watch some more golf?