I don't know. Where do we even begin? With the money? The "horseface" comment? Sigh.

Maybe with what Savage wrote this morning:

This president is the most presidential president we've had since Lincoln was president, according to our current president, and here's what our second most presidential president was tweeting out this morning...

The intended insult—directed at Stormy Daniels—is by definition presidential behavior. (Call it "Conway's Law.") But to be clear: the president—this president—took to Twitter this morning to insult the looks of a porn star (with a Twitter account of her own) that he paid for sex shortly after the birth of his fifth child by his third wife and then paid an additional $130,000 to that same porn star in order to buy her silence about the unprotected sex they'd had in the weeks before the 2016 election and the evangelical right is just fine with this. And then there's the unintended insult, the self-own there at the end, all thanks to the misuse of a comma. Presidential punctuation is as presidential punctuation does.

How I feel right now:

Okay, might as well just embed the rest of Savage's post:

And, yes, this tweet, like all his others, is no doubt meant to distract us from the corruption, theft, and self-dealing, as well as the destruction of the planet, and I fell for it.

UPDATE: What he said...

Maybe Trump feels particularly emboldened to call a woman "horseface" today because of this news, from CNN:

On Monday night, President Donald Trump's 2020 re-election campaign announced that it had raised in excess of $18 million over the past three months, a haul that means the incumbent has already raised $106 million for a race that is more than two years away.

That's a stunning—and totally unprecedented—amount of money for a sitting president to have collected less than two years into his first term.

For comparison:

Trump (fundraising through 9/30/2018)

Raised: $106 million
Cash on hand: $35 million

Barack Obama (fundraising through 12/31/2010)

Raised: $4 million
Cash on hand: $2.3 million

George W. Bush (fundraising through 12/31/2002)

Raised: $3.2 million
Cash on hand: $3.8 million

And if numbers don't bum you out, peep CNN's analysis:

Trump has never played by the political rules. And his decision to file for re-election on the day he was sworn into office is yet more evidence of just how unorthodox he is. He does what he wants—and usually what he wants is whatever is most advantageous for him. This is one of those instances; whether you like or hate the fact that Trump has already raised more than $100 million for his 2020 race, you can't argue with the fact that it gives him a massive leg up over his eventual Democratic opponent in the chase for campaign cash.

Of course, he's raised this money probably because he's expecting a Blue Wave—there's hope—and a Republican party that will start turning on him after the midterms. Still, $106 million is staggering. Moving on...

How much longer will Jeff Sessions be in the house? Will this elf still be on the shelf come Christmas? From Politico:

Pressed on Tuesday about whether the president ever pressured him to resign, Sessions never answered directly.

“Uh, I think…,” the attorney general said awkwardly, before looking to another journalist for a question.

And guys, stop asking about Donald's fucking business ties with Saudi Arabia!

Good thing that's cleared up. Today is Donald Trump's 634th day as president. At this point, I'm thinking if Donald shot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue he'd probably get flooded with campaign contributions.