A Commemoration of Heroism & Community
May 26 marks a year since a man spewing racist vitriol at two girls on the MAX fatally stabbed two bystanders (and wounded another) who tried to intervene. This weekend, TriMet is holding a memorial for the two men who lost their lives fighting bigotry and hate at the Hollywood MAX station, in front of a new colorful mural commemorating the victims. ALEX ZIELINKSI
4 pm, Hollywood Transit Center, free, all ages

Mdou Moctar, Secret Drum Band, Amenta Abioto
For evidence of Mdou Moctar’s innovative spirit, just look to his origin story: While growing up in Abalak, a town in Niger’s Azawagh Desert, the singer/songwriter taught himself to play homemade guitars. Moctar’s music blends Tuareg guitar with synth, drum machine beats, and Auto-Tuned vocals, which sound particularly lovely on “Tahoultine,” a song that blew up via cell phone sharing in the area. The show will open with two stellar local acts: the eerie, spaced-out percussive music of Secret Drum Band, which includes members from Explode into Colors, !!!, Typhoon, and Unwound, along with experimental musician Amenta Abioto, whose looped songs are like strange little stories or multi-faceted gemstones. ISABEL LYNDON
8 pm, Star Theater, $12

From Maxville to Vanport
70 years ago, just north of Portland, Vanport was destroyed by a flood—leaving its roughly 20,000 inhabitants, many of whom were Black, without homes in a state openly hostile to them. The Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble examines this ugly period in Oregon’s ugly history with From Maxville to Vanport, a “multi-media concert of songs and video” that digs into the histories of Vanport and Maxville, a similarly segregated and multicultural town in Eastern Oregon. With music and text, Maxville to Vanport aims to “shed more light on parts of Oregon’s history that deserve wider recognition”—an excellent goal if there ever was one. ERIK HENRIKSEN
7:30 pm, Alberta Rose Theatre, $20-35

Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill
Portland Center Stage presents Deidrie Henry as Billie Holliday in this re-creation of the jazz legend's final live performance.
2 pm, Portland Center Stage, $25-47

Lithics, Honey Bucket, Scorch
Tonight Portland’s own Lithics celebrates the release of their sophomore LP Mating Surfaces via Kill Rock Stars. The new record builds off the strengths of the minimalist post-punk band’s 2016 debut, Borrowed Floors: sharp guitar riffs that overlap and fit together like Tetris tiles, explosive bursts of percussive energy, and Aubrey Hornor’s detached-but-intense vocals.
9 pm, The Spare Room, $10

Nacho Gold
Don't call it a comeback, and don't call it a one-off. From the ashes of local legends The 3rd Floor has arisen the sketch comedy phoenix that is Nacho Gold, with a brand new set of ridiculous situations to luxuriate in, written and performed by Portland veterans Jordi Barnes, Lori Ferraro, Jason Keller, Jason Rouse, Tony Marcellino, and Ted Douglass.
8 pm, Siren Theater, $12-15

Hosannas, Aan, Harlowe
Hosannas has been hanging around Portland for a long time, providing quality ambient avant-pop sounds to the city's ears. Catch up with them tonight when they celebrate the release of their latest album, Picture Him Protecting You, with fellow locals Aan and Harloweon hand to round out the proceedings.
9 pm, Doug Fir, $8-10

Strange Babes Soul & Funk Revue
Just try and convince me this event doesn't sound like everything missing in your life. The lady DJ trio Strange Babes invites you to "feel all the feelings on the dance floor" at their monthly dance party, featuring soul and funk jams from New Orleans, Memphis, Detroit, Philly, Chicago, and more. Dance it out, Portland. ALEX ZIELINSKI
9 pm, Killingsworth Dynasty, $3-5

Ritual Veil, Cruz de Navajas, Vueltas, False Figure
In less than a year, Ritual Veil has risen from remnants of bands' past to become a sex-beat and synth-pop powerhouse. While their sensual sounds will close out this night of post-punk, the other acts on the bill should pique interest as well: Oakland's False Figure brings a hauntingly intense energy to their performances. New local outfit Vueltas have but one live recording, their track "Ocho Espadas," but it’s enough to leave a lasting impression. Much like Ritual Veil, Mexico City’s Cruz de Navajas shot up in the last year with darkwave that's enriched by its immersion of Latinx culture. CERVANTE POPE
8:30 pm, Tonic Lounge, $10

Strange Hotels, Chanti Darling
A local darling by the name of Chanti lends support to the Portland debut of Strange Hotels, an indie two-piece looking to blend retro rock 'n' roll with classic R&B.
9 pm, The Liquor Store, $6

16th Annual Vampire's Masquerade Ball
Lady Raven once again presents this very fancy party that celebrates both elegance and decadence of the kind you tend to find vampires drape themselves in. It's definitely more a celebration of that atmosphere, and not the—yunno—murdering of people to slake an unquenchable bloodthirst that's damned you to an eternity of demonic suffering with only bitter nothingness as a release when you are inevitably betrayed by one of your undead tribe. No, this is more about wearing velvety things and drinking dark stuff and smoking attractively while fine gothic and industrial music plays in the background.
9 pm, Melody Ballroom, $50

The Fourth Wall, Sunbathe
The Fourth Wall find room for dramatic flourishes and washes of sonic decoration, but the end result is tight and song-oriented. NED LANNAMANN
9:30 pm, Bunk Bar, $10-12

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