King Tuff, Cut Worms, Sasami
Though he’s become beloved for his blistering guitar solos and anthems about wild desire, demons from hell, and breaking all the rules, earlier this year garage freak King Tuff debuted a new side to his personality with The Other, an album of existential psychedelic rock that contemplates life on this “Psycho Star.” CIARA DOLAN
7 pm, Star Theater, $16

2001: A Space Odyssey
Every once in a while, the Hollywood Theatre busts out a shockingly pristine 70mm print of 2001: A Space Odyssey—and for cinephiles, seeing Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece on the big screen, sitting in a sold-out and awed audience, is about as good as moviegoing gets. Now the Hollywood is showing 2001 again, but this time with a brand new print—one that’s been photochemically restored by none other than celluloid fanatic Christopher Nolan, who’ll start pontificating about how much better film is than digital given the slightest provocation. (Seriously. Across the pond, his ears probably just pricked up, somehow knowing we mentioned it.) Rather than discuss the extensive restoration process, Nolan’s using this spruced-up 2001 to remind people how much better movies can look when projected from actual film. “[The restoration discussion] tends to obfuscate the greater truth, which is that photochemical is a much higher-quality image format,” Nolan recently told Variety. “Showing people prints in the cinema is the way you best make that point, and if you could choose one movie to try to show that to people, it would be 2001.” ERIK HENRIKSEN
2 pm, 7 pm, Hollywood Theatre

Old Town Music Showcase
Portland's music scene would be a hell of a lot quieter if it wasn't for Old Town Music providing its artists with all their equipment, and to celebrate turning 22, Rontoms hosts this free showcase for the many bands whose members are/were also employees.
8 pm, Rontoms, free

Weeed, Abronia, Dolphin Midwives
Bainbridge Island psych-freaks Weeed head down to the Doug Fir to celebrate the release of their brand-new album, This. Portland experimental scene staples Abronia and Dolphin Midwives round out the proceedings.
9 pm, Doug Fir, $10-12

Call to Resist Rally
Downtown Portland will once again see a series of rallies one year after the ugly June 4th clashes between alt-right group Patriot Prayer and counter protestors. The ACLU of Oregon analyzed and developed a report based on police activity during the incident and outlined patterns, including “bias and appearance of bias through selective enforcement based on political affiliation, excessive use of force, and use of arrests and detentions as crowd control.” The counter protests will be led by a lengthy list of groups including Rose City Antifa, Direct Action Alliance, and RASH NW. EMILLY PRADO
4 pm, Terry Schrunk Plaza, free

Ufomammut, White Hills, Usnea
Italian trio Ufomammut have been laying waste to regions around the world for nearly two decades, seamlessly combining doom, space rock, and a work ethic that should be the envy of all bands. To illustrate the group’s airtight velocity, they’ve performed the basic tracks of their 2017 record 8 with only synth and vocals overdubbed. It’s no surprise that tonight’s bill includes a couple of fellow space travelers: White Hills deliver controlled chaos on a silver platter (with a side of ’shrooms), offering plenty of otherworldly thrills and heavy psych that’s actually psychedelic. Portland’s own Usnea plays thinking person’s doom, combining elements of punk rock with lyrics that nod to the almighty Sagan (hail Sagan!). There are plenty of dynamic twists and turns to pull Usnea out of the doom sludge—it’s no wonder they’ve toured with Ufomammut all over the country and in Europe. MARK LORE
9 pm, Mississippi Studios, $12-15

Ron Artis II & the Truth
The Hawaii-hailing band and Pickathon 2017 stand-out brings their soul, funk, blues, and jazz sounds back through town for a headlining show at the Jack London Revue.
9 pm, Jack London Revue, $10

Bridge Club
Another installment of Portland's preeminent all-day queer dance party, with headliner DJ Jordee from San Francisco, and support from resident jocks Orographic, Troubled Youth, Pocket Rock-It, Casual Aztec, and Hold My Hand.
3 pm, Produce Row Cafe, $10

Rose Festival CityFair
If you’re a Portland newbie, then allow me to introduce you to one of the biggest Portland shebangs of the year: the annual Rose Festival and CityFair. The Rose Fest features nearly a month’s worth of special events including parades, fun runs, concerts, and dragon boat races—all to celebrate the awesomeness of Portland. And CityFair is the hub around which all this bacchanalia revolves. In a way, it’s the way Portland ushers in summer—oh, AND THEY SERVE ELEPHANT EARS. (Jeez, way to bury the lede!) There’s going to be a lot of fun to be had in the next few months, and CityFair is Portland’s welcome wagon. WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY
11 am, Tom McCall Waterfront Park, $7, all ages

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