James Taylor & His All-Star Band, Bonnie Raitt
No, you are not just seeing things; James Taylor and His All Star Band really are coming to town! If you’re like me and were raised by a white single mom who would blast Taylor’s gentle folk rock and blues while she did domestic tasks, you probably also get nostalgic whenever you hear “Fire & Rain,” “Carolina in My Mind,” “Country Road,” or “Steamroller.” Get some tickets for your parents, and go see the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s guitar-forward set celebrating his 40-year career. JENNI MOORE
7:30 pm, Moda Center, $66-100, all ages

B-Movie Bingo: Ninja 3: The Domination
Your monthly opportunity to literally check off a bingo card full of B-movie clichés! This month: the Golan & Globus-approved, sword-wielding slab of exploitative ridiculousness that is Ninja 3: The Domination, the final chapter of Cannon Films' Ninja trilogy, starring Lucinda Dickey (best known as the female lead of Cannon Films' Breakin' duology) as a telephone linewoman who is also an aerobics teacher who is possessed by the undead spirit of an evil ninja warrior.
7:30 pm, Hollywood Theatre, $7-9

Broncho, The Paranoyds, Valen
Broncho plays bright, danceable post-punk meant to be blasted through car speakers on a summer road trip or through the earbuds of a suburban parent who’s training to prepare for some half-marathon Kevin from accounting said “changed his life” after putting that 13.1 decal on his Smart car. The Oklahoma band clearly loves guitar-driven new wave and ’90s college rock. On their biggest hit to date, the 2014 single “Class Historian,” Ryan Lindsey’s shimmering guitar tones and oddly intoxicating voice (which sounds like the musical equivalent of a jiggling Jell-O mold) are much more akin to Modern English than Joy Division. Broncho’s been quiet since releasing their moodier 2016 album Double Vanity, but teased their return to catchy guitar pop with last summer’s single “Get in My Car.” CAMERON CROWELL
9 pm, Mississippi Studios, $15

Okkervil River, Star Rover
Prolific singer/songwriter Will Sheff and his long-running band out of Austin bring their folk-tinged indie rock back to the Wonder Ballroom stage in support of their latest full-length, In The Rainbow Rain.
8:30 pm, Wonder Ballroom, $22-23

Handsome Ghost, Beta Radio
The Boston-based electro-pop project spearheaded by singer/songwriter Tim Noyes and multi-instrumentalist/producer Eddie Byun bring their self-described "indie-prom" sounds back to Holocene in support of their 2018 full-length, Welcome Back.
8 pm, Holocene, $13

Greg Laswell
This San Diego-based singer/songwriter's heartfelt music has likely not just gotten stuck in your head, but more accurately has probably imprinted on you if you've ever watched more than a single episode of Parenthood, Gray's Anatomy, or Friday Night Lights. Laswell's name isn't the most well known, but melodically melancholy songs like "Off I Go," "Sing, Theresa Says," and "Days Go On" have an amazing ability to burrow into the bones and live there for awhile. Laswell brings his folk-rock sounds back to the Doug Fir stage for the Portland stop on an overdue trek up the West Coast.
9 pm, Doug Fir, $20-23

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