Giovanni Duca

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks, Soccer Mommy
For the past three decades, Stephen Malkmus has approached his music career with a sort of oblique nonchalance, whether he’s fronting ’90s indie giants Pavement or piloting a solo-ish career with his band the Jicks. In a world where so many artists must hustle to make something of their art, Malkmus keeps getting dragged back in, somewhat reluctantly, by the music and expectations of a world that counts him as an underground icon. That said, there’s a different vibe on Sparkle Hard, the album Malkmus released in May. Malkmus seems deeply invested and connected to this material, and his band sounds punchier than it has in years. It’s hard to imagine many people trying out Stephen Malkmus’ music for the first time in 2018. But those who do will find a man—and a band—at the top of their game. BEN SALMON
9 pm, Star Theater, $24

The Night of the Hunter
Night of the Hunter probably scared the bejesus out of audiences when it hit theaters in 1955. The film follows the murderous exploits of an itinerant reverend-turned-serial killer in rural Appalachia, but the FBI didn’t even coin the term “serial killer” until two decades later! From the suspenseful use of silhouettes to visual metaphors like the reverend’s knuckle tats, which say “LOVE” on one hand and “HATE” on the other, it’s still absolutely terrifying (and absolutely worth revisiting at one of these weekend matinees). CIARA DOLAN
2 pm, Hollywood Theatre, $6

Portland Hot Sauce Expo
Good hot sauce makes life just a little bit better, doesn’t it? If you think so, head to the hottest show in Portland for the Portland Hot Sauce Expo, where you’ll enjoy food and sauce samples, craft beer, and “some of the most insane eating challenges known to mankind.” DOUG BROWN
11 am, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, $7-60

Lents Street Fair
If you’re yearning for some of that old-school Portland weirdness—the kind that is less twee and more real—then do not miss the annual extravaganza known as the Lents Street Fair! They have food, a beer garden (and a root beer garden for the kids), music, bouncy castles, the world-famous Lents goats (formerly the Belmont goats), and the much beloved highlight—the Chicken Beauty Contest. It does not get much more “real” than this. WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY
11 am, Lents International Farmers Market, free, all ages

Lemuria, Katie Ellen, Dusk
It’s been a momentous year for Buffalo, New York, band Lemuria: It’s the 10th anniversary of their beloved debut, Get Better, and they just released their fifth LP, Compassion, last month. The new album finds Lemuria branching out into more pop-focused melodies while staying true to their DIY indie rock roots. After more than 15 years together, Lemuria’s continues to endear themselves to both longtime fans and new listeners drawn in by the hooks of songs like “Neon Prison” and “Recreational Hate.” DELANEY MOTTER
8 pm, Holocene, $15, all ages

Amy Miller, Joe DeRosa, David Gborie, Chris Charpentier
Did you miss the last time Portland's own Amy Miller triumphantly returned home? Lucky you, there's a one-night-only opportunity to rectify that at the Siren! Not only will your guts bust with laughter over her new material, but she's being supported by a hilarious lineup including David Gborie, Joe DeRosa, and Chris Charpentier
8 pm, Siren Theater, $20-25

Minden, Jackson Boone
Since moving to Portland from Kansas City in 2012, Minden’s ascent in the local scene has been powered by classic funk, soul, and millennial lethargy, all in the guise of psychedelic pop. The band’s latest, Sweet, Simple Things, is a sexy brew that pairs well with copious intoxicants and the company of a romantic partner.
8 pm, Rontoms, free

The Wild Body, Meringue, Sad Horse, Dim Wit
Local indie rock and noise pop outfits the Wild Body and Meringue celebrate the release of a split cassette with an all-ages hometown show at the Local 134. Fellow Portland scene stalwarts Sad Horse and Dim Wit round out the proceedings.
7 pm, American Legion Local 134, all ages

Santoros, Dreckig
Santoros is a hidden gem in the over-saturated sea of Los Angeles garage punk. The Mexican-American band has released just one LP (2012’s Ancestros) and two EPs (2014’s Animals and this year’s Bad Habits). Their tours are just as few and far between, but Santoros puts on some of the most wildly entertaining, straight tequila-sippin’ shows in the business. You’d be doing yourself a disservice by missing the infinitely catchy surf guitar riff and bumbling bassline of “My Buddy Jim.” CIARA DOLAN
9 pm, Mississippi Studios, $10-12

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