Roger McNamee
Haven’t deleted your Facebook account yet? Uh, get on it. The election-rigging, data-mining, privacy-violating advertising service has become a literal threat to modern civilization, and if that’s somehow not enough to sway you, it’s time to check out Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe, a blistering book by former Facebook investor Roger McNamee that explains how an amoral Mark Zuckerberg unleashed a social network that rakes in billions by cashing in on your browsing history even as it promotes bigotry, ignorance, and violence. McNamee’s in Portland to read from Zucked, and to discuss how Facebook got this bad—and what we can do make it better. (Sun 7:30 pm, Powell's City of Books, free) ERIK HENRIKSEN

Rock 'n' Roll High School
Roger Corman, notorious schlock-schlepper, wanted to go back to his teen movie roots at the tail end of the 1970s. First he was gonna make Disco High, but the genre was already dead. Then he tried to lock down Cheap Trick and Todd Rundgren, but—amazingly—they decided against getting underpaid by Roger Corman for two weeks of making disposable cash-in cinematic garbage. You know who didn't say no? The Ramones! And with the help of Clint Howard, P.J. Soles and one motherfucker of an explosion (which was probably half of the film's $200,000 budget), Rock 'n' Roll High School was born. Revel in its idiocy. (Fri 8 pm, Revolution Hall, free) BOBBY ROBERTS

MedEvil Madness III
The local mini-fest returns for its third installment, bringing two full nights of head-banging, shredding, and doom to the Kenton Club. Friday features Wölflaut, Phantom High, Skulldozer, ILS, From the Ages; Saturday's got Supernaut, Kvasir, Old Kingdom, Robots of the Ancient World, Ravine taking the stage. (Fri-Sat 8 pm, The World Famous Kenton Club, $10 per night)

Black Magdalene, Accolade, Valouria
An album release party for "organic darkwave" ensemble Black Magdalene, with support from Seattle's Accolade, and Valouria. (Fri 9 pm, Bit House Saloon, $7)

Bass Houss in the Bassment: Floral
DJs Ben Tactic, Jake McGeorge, Spitfire, and Mienne head up a special floral-themed installment of Bass House in the Bassment at the Liquor Store. (Fri 9 pm, The Liquor Store, $10)

The Hoons, Mobilities, None
The Hoons left Anchorage and set up shop in Portland and the local rock scene is a lot better (and saucier) for it. Catch up with them tonight when they celebrate the release of their new album at No Fun Bar. (Sat 9 pm, No Fun, $5)

Portland Timbers 2 vs. Las Vegas Lights
USL action returns to the Bluff, with T2 taking on the Las Vegas Lights in their 2019 home opener at Merlo Field. (Sat 7 pm, Merlo Field, $10)

DIggin' Dirt
California’s Diggin Dirt bring their roots rock, reggae, and heavy funk sounds back through the Goodfoot. (Sat 9 pm, Goodfoot, $10)

PDX Fatshion Spring Clothing Swap
Bring clothing in good condition from 11 am to noon for this plus-size swap, open to all/no genders sizes 14 and up! Nosh on snacks, mingle, and try your luck at the raffle benefiting SMYRC as organizers sort through clothing by size. Swap starts at noon! (Sun 11 am, Pacific Crest Community School, free) EMILLY PRADO

PDX Vegan Mac Down
The Factory Farming Awareness Coalition hosts the first-annual PDX Vegan Mac Down, offering you the chance to try mac n' cheese offerings from Portland vegan restaurants like Aviv, The Sudra, Papa G's Vegan Organic Deli, Vtopia Restaurant & Cheese Shop, Fatsquatch PDX, and more, and then vote on your favorite. Proceeds go to benefit Factory Farming Awareness Coalition's humane education program. (Mon 6 pm, Lagunitas Community Room, $10)

Purple Rain
As a movie, Purple Rain isn’t much, honestly—basically a series of melodramatic (and often misogynistic) vignettes about a pouty brat (Prince) acting like a sour piece of shit to everyone in a five-mile radius (The Revolution, Apollonia) as a coping mechanism for having an abusive father (Clarence Williams III). But as a document of Prince’s talents as a musician and a live performer, (and to a lesser extent, Morris Day’s charisma and the Time’s chops), Purple Rain is like an atomic bomb powered by funk-rock fusion, whose radioactive fallout changed pop culture forever. SQUAWK! Hallelujah! (Mon 8:45 pm, Mission Theater, $3-4) BOBBY ROBERTS

Storytime for Grownups
David Loftus' long-running storytelling series returns once again to the Rose City Book Pub, featuring Ireland-set selections from the legendary bibliography of Ray Bradbury. (Mon 7 pm, Rose City Book Pub, free)

Michael Dean Damron, Garrett Mann, Emma Jane, Gary Count Kellam
I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House frontman Michael Dean Damron joins forces with Garrett Mann, Emma Jane, and Gary Count Kellam to head up the latest installment of The Autonomous Series at the Bit House Saloon. (Tues 8 pm, Bit House Saloon, $5)

Miss Rayon, Why Bonnie, Nick Normal
Fresh off the release of their debut album Eclipse, Portland post-punk and no wave trio Miss Rayon head up to St. Johns for a hometown show at the Fixin' To. Why Bonnie and Nick Normal round out the bill. (Tues 8 pm, The Fixin' To, $7)

Siri Hustvedt
The acclaimed author of The Blazing World returns with Memories of the Future, chronicling a young midwestern women's first year spent living in NYC. (Tues 7:30 pm, Powell's City of Books, free)

Grindhouse Film Festival: Lady Terminator
The latest installment of the Hollywood Theatre's monthly exultation of exploitation cinema shares an extremely rare 35mm print of 1988's Lady Terminator, an Indonesian "mockbuster" (that's what Asylum movies were called before Asylum existed) that isn't even really a ripoff of the 1984 James Cameron low-budget masterpiece. Sure, there's a scene in a nightclub, and a scene in a police station, but the story (succinctly described by the VHS cover's tagline "She mates... then she terminates") involves an ancient sex goddess with a penis-eating snake-monster that lives in her nethers, an anthropologist whose studies are interrupted via reptilio-sexual possession by said goddess, and a pop star named Erica who is the key to everything. Prolonged exposure to this movie is known to promote mullet growth. (Tues 7:30 pm, Hollywood Theatre, $7-9)

10 Groverfield Lane, Psyclops, Bert Olsen, Kid Coast, Charley No Face
The High Water Mark presents 10 Groverfield Lane, which could be a band, a spoof, or just a theme for this particular show... tough to say. Psyclops, Bert Olsen, Kid Coast, and Charley No Face round out the proceedings. (Wed 8:30 pm, High Water Mark, $8)

AWP Kickoff Reading
Help begin one of the best literary festivals in the world by attending this reading event featuring works by Chelsea Bieker, Diana Marie Delgado, Mark Doten, Melissa Duclos, and Kimberly King Parsons. (Wed 7:30 pm, The Stacks Coffeehouse, free)

Tin House AWP Party
Portland publisher Tin House throws a party in conjunction with the AWP conference, with acclaimed authors Hanif Abrurraqib, Erica Dawson, Morgan Parker, and Tommy Pico reading from their latest collection, and DJ Mami Miami heading up a after-reading dance party. (Thurs 9 pm, Holocene, $5)

Drowse, Sprain, Being Awone
Though Kyle Bates recorded Cold Air—his newest album under the Drowse moniker—at home, its 12 shoegazey tracks sound like they were born surrounded by monolithic glaciers in some remote arctic landscape. Beneath the lo-fi fog of Mount Eerie-style production, Bates recounts his experiences with dissociating from reality, breaking down, and finding relief in medication. It’s heavy, beautiful music. (Thurs 8 pm, No Fun, $5) CIARA DOLAN