It's a sad day in Humpy land because I'm finally selling my baby—no, not an actual baby... I unloaded that thing on the black market years ago. I'm letting go of my completely bad-assy 1969 Buick Electra 225. I'm biking more than driving, I need the garage space, etc., etc.—but my heartbreak is your gain, because this sweet classic ride can be yours (or someone you know) for a steal!


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This 1969 Buick Electra 225 (Deuce and a quarter!) hardtop is black on black and ready to drive! It’s in great condition, with a very nice interior, and a throbbing 430 4-barrel V8 engine that’s been rebuilt, purrs like a kitten, and drives like a goddamn dream. Only 98,000 original miles with 10,000 miles on the rebuild. It has power windows, locks, and seats, cruise control, tilt steering wheel, with lots of fun extras like an after-market air conditioner, and a factory 8-track player that still sounds great! (I’ll even throw in my 8-track collection.) Plus, the trunk's large enough to squeeze in three or four bodies. It will need a new paint job eventually (has minor scratches and bubbles) but looks just fine now, has an excellent body, and is a real conversation starter. Asking price: $4200!

Below are some pics, but you can see a ton more on my Flickr account here. Interested? EMAIL ME, AND LET'S DEAL.







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