Aint no thang

TriMet has seen better times. Facing up to $17 million in budget cuts in the upcoming year, it has yet to find a viable solution to keep afloat. But! In a crafty move, TriMet has decided to pass its financial woes onto YOU, dear reader. And the rest of Portland.

Not a far cry from the New York Times' "Budget Puzzle" — in which readers take the nation's budget issues into their own hands — TriMet created a site where the public can slash and burn any TriMet program (or create cruel fare and parking price increases) to their heart's content. From the public's response, TriMet will try to create the most mutually agreed upon answer to their looming problem.

It's like one of those horrible "real life" problems from an Econ final. But, alas, this is real life. Take a swing!