Sometimes, even in the glamorous world of TV blogging, real life gets in the way of watching a show. These last couple of days I have been broadsided by a work emergency at my real job which has me suddenly working 10 hour days running a kitchen all by myself. Sadly, last night that didn't leave me time to watch Jersey Shore and see the shocking conclusion of last week's cliffhanger.

This morning I asked my ladyfriend - the beautiful, talented Carolyn Main - if she would write her own wrap up of last night's episode and give her thoughts on Jersey Shore having never seen the show before. I think they are more insightful than what I would have come up with. I'm going to watch the episode during my lunch/dinner break and add my 2 cents in the comments below. Until then, here are Carol's observations:

The people wear a lot of makeup and yell at each other. Sometimes they seem to fight. Social value is assigned over looks, and it's not good to fuck an ugly person. In fact it is the worst.

The Jersey Babies share rooms like children, yet still fuck. I mean, "smoosh". They have a community "smoosh" room. Which is a good idea. Also, if a lady plans on "smooshing", its a good idea to apply lotion to her buttocks. A good way to win an argument over who is smooshing who is to call the party ugly via a catchy nickname that references their location of origin.

Also they no longer live in Jersey and I think they all work at an ice cream place together, like The Max in Saved by the Bell. This is an actual exchange the Guidettes had:


She adds, "Maybe now Obama will know the name 'Snooki'." Carol must be unaware of Snookigate 2010.

Ok everyone else, what did you think? Best Jersey Shore episode ever? Did they keep the energy from last week up? Is it worth using my lunch/dinner break to catch up with my favorite Guidos?