Portland star Carrie Brownstein and Director Jonathan Krisel faced a long line of reporters at last night's sold out Portlandia premiere at the Hollywood Theater. I have to confirm: In real life, Carrie is funnier and more beautiful than on screen. She even walked around outside the premiere shaking hands with everyone in line. Curse her and her kindness!

Anyway, we were at the end of the line of reporters and figured the pair would appreciate a break from the usual questions. I started off asking Carrie, "You're in Portland. What's your current food allergy?"

You don't have to go to some schmancy red carpet affair to see Portlandia—the first episode is up for viewing on Hulu already.

After you've watched it, here's the Q&A with Brownstein and Director Jonathan Krisel from the premiere last night (the poncho and mullet sporting guy who introduces them is local comedian Mikey Kampmann):

Thanks to Flip camera "videographer" Nickey Robare! Shoddy video editing skills are my own.