Comedian Tracy Morgan—he of the recent homophobic comedy kerfluffle—is currently in Nashville (where he delivered the offending routine) and has just apologized and hugged Kevin Rogers, the person who first posted about Tracy's rant on Facebook. Here is a very poorly blogged version of what happened from Erin Quinn of The Tennessean.

Tracy Morgan is walking in wearing a purple striped shirt and a brace on his foot. Slouchy jeans. Solemn look on his face.

Morgan: "I want to apologize to my friends, my family and my fans. I didn't know. I didn't mean it."

He is hugging the audience member, Kevin Rogers, the local resident whose Facebook post about Morgan’s comments sparked a backlash against the comic,

Kevin Rogers: "I believe it was just a huge mistake."

Tracy Morgan: He walks out and gives the peace sign and says "Peace.''

WOW. Poorly blogged, Erin! This was probably a very uplifting moment, though you'd never know it from this flat report. Maybe live blogging this wasn't the best idea? Anyway, move over Tracy, and give Erin the mic! She has an apology to make! (Which I will poorly live blog.)