Does anyone have any salve?

There was such a kerfluffle about the presumed death of a certain character on last week's episode of The Walking Dead, I neglected to even mention another possible loss from that same show: RICK'S HAND! The scene in question featured a fairly common battle between three zombies and Rick on an abandoned highway, but during the fight, Rick got a nasty cut on his hand—which we presume was from his own blade, but there were a lot of zombie juices flying around, sooooooooo... maybe a possible infection? Which means... CHOP, CHOP? Add that to the fact that in the comic version, Rick lost his hand (though that was much earlier in the comic book series). Anyway, it all adds up to MORE WORRISOME WORRIES! But thankfully the Hollywood Reporter stepped up to snuff out this particular rumor, by talking to Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple, who said:

I’ll give you an absolute because I’ve been dealing with a lot of ambiguity in storytelling here in protecting the story: Rick’s hand is safe. You can proclaim it from the mountaintops: His hand is safe! He will be wrapping it. There will be some ointments involved.

Phew! Good to know. In other "good, but expected" news, The Walking Dead has been officially picked up for a seventh season. Big shock there, right? Now all we have to worry about is that one character's fate—so watch this Sunday, and we'll chitty-chat about it on Monday!