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Comic book geeks unite! The highly anticipated Netflix/Marvel jam Jessica Jones debuts tomorrow (Fri, Nov 20) on Netflix at 12:01 am, and as usual, you can binge watch the entire first season if you have absolutely nothing better to do with your time. (I hope you do... but at least watch a couple of them, right?) However, if you're a casual fan you may need a bit of prodding to hop into the series—which is why they created TV critics! Here are snippets of some of the early reviews of Jessica Jones, and overall? Things are looking goooood.

From the Verge:

Jessica Jones, the comics company’s second Netflix series, returns to Daredevil’s dark corner of the Marvel Universe, and things only get bleaker. In a modern twist on film noir, the series follows its title character as she tries to solve a case while dealing with her terrible past. And it’s excellent, just as brutal and uncompromising as its predecessor. But by placing its stellar female cast in this murky underworld and letting them shine in a way Marvel has never done before, it stands head and shoulders above the company’s other marquee properties to become one of the best new shows out this year. Daredevil was great by Marvel standards. Jessica Jones is just great.

From the New York Times:

“Jessica Jones” isn’t a procedural mystery, but it has the heart — the storytelling beats and essential optimism — of a very good broadcast-network show.

From the Wrap:

While the Marvel films — and the superhero boom of the last decade in general — have leaned towards the idea of creating comic book material for adults to enjoy, this series feels like the first superhero show really just for grown-ups — and it totally works.

From the LA TImes:

In answer, [creator Melissa Rosenberg], with help from her perfectly cast star Krysten Ritter, rewrote the definition of superhuman.

Yes, Jessica Jones (Ritter) is a woman granted extraordinary strength and, apparently, the ability to fly. But it's her superhumanity, rather than her superpowers, that makes the show so riveting.

From Newsday:

“Marvel’s Jessica Jones” succeeds in all sorts of ways, especially the one that counts most: Ritter just might be the shrewdest casting move of the season, maybe several seasons, because she so fully inhabits the multidimensional Jones. And there are so many dimensions to inhabit....

In short... you're gonna wanna watch this! (Here's the trailer if you haven't seen it.)