Hmmm... good resume, solid references, knows how to drive a Tardis... YOURE HIRED!
"Hmmm... good resume, solid references, knows how to drive a Tardis... YOU'RE HIRED!" Courtesy BBC

It's official: You need a job. And you need a job that will appreciate your unusual attributes, pay well, and realize that you're freaking sick of being unemployed in Portland, and would much rather live in Wales. Oh, and you are completely obsessed with Doctor Who. If you think this describes you... THIS COULD BE THE PERFECT JOB!


That's right! The BBC is hiring a "script editor" for the long-running sci-fi show, Doctor Who. So are you "The Ideal Candidate"? Let's find out!

The Ideal Candidate

Our ideal candidate will have experience of script editing prime time TV drama.

An excellent understanding of all aspects of screenwriting, including premise, story, structure and character and an ability to apply this knowledge to working situations with writers, as well as experience of working with writers under pressure are essential for this role.

Our ideal candidate will have an interest in popular drama in particular an awareness and understanding of BBC Drama for a family slot and a thorough knowledge of script sources and the availability and potential of emerging talent.

So what does this mean? YOU BETTER KNOW YOUR SHIT ABOUT DOCTOR WHO. (And the ability to write might come in handy as well.) If you're not sure whether you know your shit about Doctor Who, take this quiz that's appropriately titled, "The World's Toughest Doctor Who Quiz." Here's a sample question:


Hmm... on second thought, Chick-fil-A is also hiring.

H/T to @ChelseaCain