As we all know, the only thing love ever really does is trick you into thinking it's permanent and good and that maybe life isn't as shitty as as it seems, and then, when you're least expecting it, it turns vicious and rotten and utterly destroys every single thing you knew and cherished. AND IT'S EVEN WORSE WHEN STAR TREK IS INVOLVED.

If you saw the Star Trek documentary Trekkies 2, then you will remember the guy in the UK who redesigned his flat in 24th century Star Trek style. For the last few years that fan has been trying to sell the flat as is, but has not had any takers and now a divorce is forcing him to rip out the Trek stuff and sell the place as a standard flat. (Via.)


Tony transformed the one-bedroom flat to look like the famous flight deck—with a computer console, flashing lights and even "transporters."

He built it himself—and says it would cost at least £100,000 to do it again from scratch.

Tony, 58, is getting a divorce from wife Georgina who owns the flat in Hinckley, Leics, and wants to sell.

Tony said: "To say I'm gutted is an understatement. It is my life's work—and it looks like it's going into a skip. I admit there were tears." (Via.)

As commenter "Kenneth_Of_Borg" notes on (where there's a pretty amazing video tour of the flat):

That is a crying shame. I wonder if they could give him a walk-on part in the new film. It would make him feel better.

Indeed it would, Kenneth_Of_Borg. Make it happen, J.J. Abrams! I beg of you to make this happen.