MICHAEL DORN I would pay good money to see a Klingon mud wrestling match. Just saying.
  • MICHAEL DORN I would pay good money to see a Klingon mud wrestling match. Just saying.

Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine star Michael Dorn has had an interesting year. To recap:

1. He announced he'd written a "fucking great" Star Trek movie for himself to star in, in which Worf would be promoted to captain, get his own ship, and be "out there in the front lines basically chasing terrorists." As far as I can tell, no one has heard a single word about this film since Dorn proclaimed its existence.

2. He started a Kickstarter for Through the Fire, a "romantic comedy about a couple of dazzling New York urbanites," which would costar "several of my friends from Star Trek." With 15 days to go, the Kickstarter has raised $56,000 of it's $750,000 goal.

Now Dorn's back with another announcement, which I have come to anticipate more than news about J.J. Abrams' Star Trek sequel. Via Kotaku, via Nerdist:

Castlevania is a movie that Marina [Sirtis] got me involved with. It's based on a videogame. People have been trying to get this thing done for a long time and they finally got the producers together that want to do it. They finally got the OK from the owners, and so they're doing it. It's a fun little part. It's four days, and I'm playing a werewolf that's been around for a gajillion years who works for this vampire. It's not too far from Worf because there's a lot of killing and jumping and sword fights and everything.

The only problem? You guessed it: Aside from Dorn, it doesn't seem like anyone on the planet has heard of this Castlevania movie—the last movement on the property seems to have been in 2009, involving Resident Evil auteur Paul W.S. Anderson. So either there's a secret Castlevania movie happening that just so happened to score Worf to play "a werewolf who's been around for a gajillion years," or Michael Dorn's just making wacky announcements again. If the former is the case, they better call it Castlevania: Wereworf, but honestly, at this point I don't even care if anything Dorn says is true. I just want him to keep saying stuff.