Of the five-minute video, which cost $60,000 to produce:

The Star Trek video was shot at the IRS’s in-house studio in Maryland on a set faithfully depicting the command bridge of the starship “Enterprise.” IRS employees in the roles of Mr. Spock and the show’s other familiar characters, declare themselves on route to the planet Notax, to combat identity theft. (Via.)

"It was shown at the opening of a 2010 training and leadership conference," the AP reports, "but does not appear to have any training value."

I love everything about this so much. I love how poorly the costumes fit, and that they're costumes from The Next Generation. I love Spock and Spock's weird rubber wig. I love the woman who pops up on the viewscreen at 1:46 and says each of her lines as if there's a loaded .45 pointed at her. I love any and all references to "alien identity theft." I love the fist bump and I love the captain's reaction to it even more. I love that they edited in quiet moments after their punchlines so that the audience could laugh. I love Scotty's accent. I love everything about this so much.