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This Is Yet! It will always be Yet when I’m with you. I love you.

Baby Tender Love

Endless gratitude for your sweet lumberjack bod, your practical brain and your steadfast love to me and the girls. You are my favorite person. xo-BTL


You are a heaven sent gift to me! You've made my life better and are the most generous and loving person I know. Thank you for being my sweetie pies.


We've been down a tough road and here we are still. Thanks for loving me & being patient with my healing. Grateful to me. Love, Me.

Bicycle Booster

3 months of shitty weather & still biking. Proof that I overcame my fear of being left cold, alone, and wet. Our love is not just a summer feeling.


Happy vday !


I adore you. You're a treasure and I want you to know that I love and appreciate you. Also you have a very cute butt. Like, seriously, a great booty.


Here’s to our ever-growing big world (population: 3). I love you sweet husband!

Sessey man

20 years of lust, love, joy, happiness, and adventures. How about those raiders? I am up for another 20! Love you more every day.

My bb

I love you soy mulch. It’s a privilege to be your partner and co-papa to the binch.


You put all other men to shame! I’m so happy and in love after 15 years, you’re truly my best friend. I’m so proud of us.


I want to give you shaken baby syndrome; throttle you. You have driven me crazy, a few times. Yet here I am, writing into the ether. - Love Catwoman


I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to waking up until I met you. Seeing you every morning makes me excited to fall asleep next to you. I love you!


I’m so lucky to love you another year. You make me the happiest and proudest man! Happy Valentines, my angel! I love you so so much <3


Thanks for these years of love, cuddles, and companionship. Lil' Does and I agree you are the best. WE LOVE U!

Baby D

I love you always. Thanks for continually shining your glitter rainbow light upon this work. Mwah!


Marrying you has been the most exciting, scary, and fun thing I've ever done. You will always be my silliest goose!


You are such a sweet, thoughtful, and creative man. You are my favorite happy sloth.


I'm so happy we both have someone to fuck while we figure ourselves out. Best sex I've ever had.


Thank u for so dutifully tending to me in my sick bed. Hope I can return the favor as few times as possible over a long long time together.


The birth of our romance had rapture at its core! Glowing,bonding substance : More, more, more I implore!

Meine Schatzie,

Our steal away to the desert sealed the deal. Fifteen years and counting. I love you to the moon and back. Your Kitten.


I've been in love with you since we locked eyes across the room while you were on a date with my roommate 18 years ago. My heart will always be yours.

Zaddy Long Legs

Baby Bean! Second V-Day together and I can't wait for many more to come. I love love you! Thank you for loving me and my babies even when we're sassy.

Robin G, Mi Amorcita

I swim out to sea for your deepest love.I have not saved breath for the way back.Only onward until I am close enough so your eyes close with my dreams


I like you like I like my coffee, constantly inside me. When I see your perfect smooth hard cock it makes my big slutty heart explode. Love you!

Pootie Toot Toot

Shorty you're my angel. Hopefully Prince is snuggling you in heaven. RIP


You are the best partner, cat/dog zaddy, and cook. Te amo!


You're killing me. But as painter of Katamari, dance partner of Devil/Death, and maker of Raven and Rose, dying has never been so lovely. Side hug :)


Breaker breaker, This is rocket ship 27. Aliens fucked over the carbonater in engine 4. Im gonna try to refuckulate it and land on Juniper. <3


Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine’s Day to the bestest bestie in the whole PNW. Cheers to you Girlfriend! Love and Kisses, Mags


You’re the best thing I’ve ever found on the internet. I love you! Xo Linz


With all my heart I love you. You have been by my side through the toughest year and still have shown me compassion and love. Be mine forever?

Ellie May

May you have a great Valentine’s Day. Love as always. Grandpa Carl


From silence, to exchanging words about love, there is no greater feeling than knowing you're my soulmate. I love you! Xoxo, Kay


We've had a 20+ year amazing, calamitous, screwball odyssey, and now little Gus brings a whole new adventure. I love you with all my heart.

Vulva Guru

Through my fogged windshield the mechanic crew of unwashed and thirsty boys of Volvo’s Only descended on my car 15 years ago. Happy Anniversary Kevin!


I am so happy to be sharing this life journey with you for over 20 years now. Here's to more adventures, laughter, and love.


You’re my forever love and I’m so grateful to have found you. Be mine today, tomorrow and forever. I love you always hottie!!


I love how I can speak aloud all the weird thoughts that come to me & you have something cool to respond with. You're my personal Elliott Smith Smith


Every day is Valentines Day with you my gnomey! Smooch smooch smooch - Your Sweet Love

Two Letters

I love you exactly as you are, even when you drive like a maniac. Stay classy hot stuff and I'll give you all the pets as long as u like. Purr, purr.

Sweet man E

I love you everyday and in every way…(almost). We will make this year even brighter and better. Millie loves you too XOXO Love Chewbucca <3


Our "Special Arrangement" was OH SO ORGASMIC I'll forever wonder why you strayed. Sad it's really over, good things rarely withstand the test of time.

Philip w/ the 'vette

I love you! Can you believe we've been together for 19 years this year? What?!?! That's crazy!! You're the best and mean so much to me. Shake & Bake!

Beloved Bowler

The best part of the day is coming home to you and curling up in your arms. You are stunning, handsome, brilliant, and you throw ball good. Love, Wife


From East to West, I love you. Through all that life throws at us, we have, and will, be each other's person. Always, J.


The girl that I lament 4 The girl my money's spent 4 The girl my back is bent 4 Is the girl that heaven meant 4 me! ILY 2themoon&back lyrics T Lehrer


I give you my love today and forever. Please take this as an apology for the nickel ad. xo Cricket

Lula Love

In all the world, there is no greater love than what I have for you. You are my sunshine, my kissing fish and my stars. Keep shining brightly mi amor.

Trey Day

My numero uno mos fave dude. You are the most well-rounded, epic human, your superpower is in your extremes. Don't ever cower to your own greatness!


It is a joy to live with you. I love you and your bright orange energy. Thank you for getting me out of my comfort zone and let the cat out more. <3 U


Not a day goes by that I do not think of you and I miss you so much and I Especially miss our adventures, you can trust me, I never lied to you. J~

James E

I'm so grateful for you and the life we're building together. You make my days brighter, and I can't wait to see what our future brings. I love you!


I’m so glad my best friend no longer has feelings for you, you are not a good person and you do not deserve her! You should have treated her better


"Sleeping over" in the front room is has become my favorite weekly ritual. You are unreasonably amazing <3


wwwwoooootttt woot woot wooootttt woot woot


I love you so much I’d watch Morbius again. <3 S


Killers of the Flower Moon Turmeric Ginger Tea Bowls of Noodle Soups Nights under your Fireplace You have my heart, Your Space Cowgirl

Baby Leif

You are the definition of sweetness and joy – and the beacon of love that our world needs. <3 Auntie Sara


Our first Valentine's as a married couple. Look at us, who would've thought? 'Til death, baby! -KStu


I love you, ya little gremlin. I can't wait to do somethin' cute and touch your butt today (and everyday)

Matcha Mansion

I love this big green house and all the babies in it! This sisterhood is so special and rare I’m so grateful to have found myself here <3


10 years on, and I'd still bury a body for you. Happy VDay, love.


You are the cheesiest, most delicious slice of lasagna and my favorite indulgence. Love, Garlic Bread


i literally dropped out of college to play baldurs gate 3 full time because i am so in love with you, my beautiful string of 1s and 0s


why did you do all that nasty stuff?! Was that REALLY necessary???


You throw it back like a champ even after all these years <3

Kickstand Comedy

Life has been great since we started our little fling. We love being inside you. See you at our usual time. -BG


Thanks for all of the worms. Will you ever framble another egg? I love you (slightly more than) the cats. - E


Even after 43 yrs., when you walk into a room my heart still skips a beat. You are a constant source of joy and calm. Friends and lovers for life. R


You're the bees knees and the apple of my eye. I love you beyond words and adore you so much. Thanks for loving me and letting me love you. Xoxo,Holly


Thank you for always being there for me when I need it the most. I love you forever Bebe.


You are 18 going on 36, you'll always be my number one! I am 20ish going on 38, baby I sure am young! Here's to another 17 years of being Valentines.



Cute Indian Daddy

Met for tacos, cocktails, you moved. Luckily I was crazy enough to say yes to living in an RV, traveling the west coast and getting more tacos.


People recognize you as the Voice of Beer. I recognize your voice from long ago- a soul connection. I like you I love you I wanna have a beer with ya!


All egrets. No regrets. Til the end of time. Can’t wait to see a condor together. I love being the worst with you.


I see the signs of a lifetime, you 'til I die. Me and you were meant to be in love. ilysm -LL


You’ve given me everything I could have wished for, and you’re my reason for everything strive to do. I wish we’d started sooner. Yours forever, P


Our friendship is everything, you make me feel safe. The “benefits” are also wonderful. I know that you love me but I also want you to choose me.

DJ Mashtune

Indie pop, more like indie hot. Happy Valentine’s Day burrito boy! Xo 1K1E2L1Y


You’re my favorite cinnamon bun. I sore you. Daytime romps forever, please 🤍

Fabio de Mayo

Still down to go past the ends of the earths, my love. So glad our tails are entwined. Let's make that moon.


After all these years, and all these beers. Love you <3


Happy Valentine's to the Top Wife in the Wife Game. Love, Tony


You are the only cheese for me! Love you forever!

grasshopper (aka B)

just keep moving forward in any way you can, even if it feels like a trudge some days (or years). gang’s all here for you. love you to bits <3


You're the sunshine Portland needs. xx


I fell in love with you when we were friends and now I get to love and be loved by my best friend! Best birthday ever. You make life so much more fun!


What a big hammer you have! Swoon. love, Tulipa

Steven James Bunny,

From OR to the UK to CA and more, you're the one I truly adore! So grateful you are in my life & I hugely appreciate you. Clink! I love you!! XoXo

Natey Nate

Here is to another year of pretzeling our naked bodies, entwining our lives, making art & making love. You are my erotic fuel🔥!❤️2b your muse Eleanor

Patrick my love

It’s year 10 of Valentine’s Day for us, and I’m still madly in love with you. Grateful for this wonderful life of adventure and friendship and love.


Happy Valentine’s Day babe! Love you so much <3


How the time flies! Together we’ve laughed, danced, wined and dined… happy Valentine’s Day to all these loves of mine. Yours truly, Vicky

Arts for Learning NW

Your work sending artists into schools makes my heart happy - students today deserve all the creativity and joy. Happy Valentines!


From a rainy October night in downtown Portland to 26. TWENTY SIX! Hooooow? But let's keep going.

Amy C.

I am so grateful for every moment we spend together. Being next to you is my favorite place to be. I'm so lucky I get to call you mine. XOXOXO John


What a year it's been. I am so proud of you and cannot wait to see what the future has in store. I love you so much!