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In a dimension where gummy bears govern galaxies, and talking cacti recite Shakespeare, our love is the peculiar anthem of the cosmos.

Bobby Lee

I love you and your soft hewn face, your accent, your charm, your sense of adventure and fun, and your tush.

S.O. Insects

Cute!! Let's go to the strip club sometime. That huge pin doesn't lie. See you at HUMP? 143 even if you don't feel the same I love the mystery xoxo


Thanks for being gay with me. Fucking swoon <3


Thank u 4 your unconditional love and support. I’m one lucky guy to be in such an amazing relationship. I look forward to many more years with you ❤️


Thank you for your unwavering support through the hardest year of my life. I love you more than words can describe.

Child Advocates

I love what you do to protect and heal children raised in cults. Your efforts are helping Oregon make history in this arena.


Volim te, I love you for what you are and have become. We will go to the coast when Oregon decides to be warm. My promise.


You are and have always been my best friend. Im so thankful we have each other to rely on for this second half of our lives, a true happy ever after.

Christina Kuruchan

Love you on both sides of the Pacific and beyond.

Tayler Workman

Love you boo :) So proud of you for following your heart and dream completely these days! - Your Robbie & Stevie


The past 3+ years have been amazing. Here is to many more years together. Thank you for being who you are and allowing me to be me. I love Bacon


The past 3+ years have been amazing. Here is to many more years together. Thank you for being who you are and allowing me to be me. I love Bacon


I knew I loved you the moment I saw you two years after we first met and I briefly forgot who you were. Yours Hopefully Forever.


Happy Valentine's Day my beautiful daughter! Know you are much loved by so many. You bring so much joy to me. I am blessed with YOU! I love you, Mom


It’s taken over 20 yrs, but I’m declaring my love for you in print finally. My first editor, my 1980’s Portland unicorn, my wife. Happy V Day, Love T


I love you endlessly, and I will forever and always belong to you. My lover and soulmate. Love, your Special Girl and Princess.


You're wonderful so far and it's more than I hoped for. I intend to hold you for the longest time-tho please stop beating me in Wordle and Scrabble <3


I louvre you. Best year ever.


I’ve known you my whole life and have never loved you more. Thank you for loving me too.

Narcissist tried to break me! I broke the trauma bond instead. I don't want u anymore & life IS better without you, boy bye. I love ME now & not u.


From a slightly sleazy stab at seduction to full-throated (no pun intended) love n admiration n great laughs. That would be you! Happy V-Day


I owe the three best decisions of my life, as well as my lasting happiness, to you. And you still win the best butt award. Love, French Fry


Love you from beer to bridge, music to mountain, pod to protest, Timber to tree, wine to weirdo, and everything in between. Rain on me for life, sexy!


In this heavy world, every moment cherished with you is a gift. Our ever-growing love makes life beautiful


We fight, we bicker and sometimes we light the wicker. How I love thee, let me count the ways. 100 is for being you, 99 is for when you're blue, 98..


Over the green hills of Central Park, across the USA -our love bounds forth my Hero!

Pookie Bear

You’ve brought endless love, giggles, adventure and happiness to my life these last *almost* five years. I can’t wait for many more with u. Be mine?


Liebe Liebe Liebe how I love you! The most astounding love! The warmest sweater love! The Crispiest Ambulance on the floor love! The love that whirls!

Hilltop birdie

Your love burst me wide open. Sent my atoms spinning through time and space into this place where we get to be together. I will savor every moment.


Thank you for your unconditional love & support. I’m a lucky guy to be in such an amazing relationship. Looking forward to many more years with you -R


roses r red riolets r blue u make me swoon and I LOVE U!!! p.s. i love watching shows and cooking and walking around and playing minecraft w u <333


To the Beauty of Boot Camp, Mommy of Magic, her Highness of Harnesses, Princess of Pillows, Queen of… Queening: I’m loving it all, especially youuuu!


Your smile and eyes delight me. I am so grateful to be loved by you. Let us va-voom through life together!

Nathan uwu

Just wanna say I love you so much!! Happy third Valentine’s Day together, can’t wait for many more! Love, Sal uwu


Ever since our eyes locked across the dance floor, you've kept my heart groovin. Here's to a couple million more songs together baby--I love you!


Each particle of you glitters to me, miraculous and unfathomable.

Bunni Muffin

Daddy loves you very much. You make every day better and you take good care of me. Looking forward to hugs, kisses and a CAKE dessert.


You moved away over 5 years ago. I am so happy you are back. I have missed you more than you could ever know.


Through good times, through bad, our love is the best thing we could've had. I'll be by your side as you'll be by mine, from now until the end of time

Q- for Quality

My sweet valentine of 20 years, I’m still a smitten with you as ever. Thank you for loving me so well, sugar. Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you hard.


my sweet little cupcake, queen of all my dreams. Here's to many more years of doing things differently. Thank you for every moment. Love, Christopher


I'm so lucky your mom bribed you with a Playstation so you'd join the choir. Here's to a lifetime of close harmonies and picardy thirds. AAAAAAMEN!


Loves my sweetest sweetie Babysize even though you will be in Vegas on my birthday (and I will be in Phoenix on Valentines Day)


Here's to the best 20 years together xo Emmos


Yo make me feel warm and fuzzy and you have the biggest heart, I’m so grateful to be your boyfriend and share my life with you. Love you forever.


You are my favorite person in the world. The universe probably. We’re basically married so…yes?


Baby, ooh baby I love to call you baby Baby, oh oh, baby I love for you to call me baby. When you squeeze me real tight You make wrong things right...

Neil the real deal

What’s for dinner?Sushi?I’m full now, you know what that means, sexual situation. You hear me? Almost time for PinaColadas& a view of the beach. 12!


Baby, I adored our Friday the 13th beach wedding. You are gorgeous inside and out. I look forward to our lives together. Happy Valentines Day!


Even though your people colonized mine, I still love you more than potatoes and beer. Here’s to getting dumber and hotter together! Love, Big Ham


I’ll never love anyone as much as I love you, Mister. And oh how you make me scream! -Your Princess


Two more Valentines until we can celebrate together in person. Absolutely worth the wait. TGIF


Mijn schatje I cherish you with all my heart. Your warmth fills me with light. Thank you for your kindness, affection, wisdom, and humor. Forever, ♥V

Mountain Man

You taught me the art of controlled falling- of dancing with fear over ice and snow- of riding through a storm and trusting you enough to follow. <3


Happy Valentine’s Day to my podcast listening, UFC watching, video game obsessed hunk of a future baby daddy! I love you a lot. Xoxo Hayley

Fruit Trees of PDX

You chlorophyll our hearts with love; if only we could reach every piece of sweet juicy fruit you have to offer. We are tree-voted to you <3


My dear first husband, A tanka to show my love. After thirty years, Second husband list unused. Your work is exemplary.


Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you go. HVD, Rickroll edition. Miss you more than you can imagine. I need a haircut! Love, Buzzcut #2

freckle queen

you're so dang cute, smart, thoughtful, and committed to being a good person. you send the best memes and you've got such a cute butt. MY KRYPTONITE


Thanks for being my favorite dance partner! I love the way you move me. I’m so grateful to dance through this life with you. Love, Rachel

Sallie uwu

Happy Valentine's Day to the best person I ever met. You always make me feel loved. I feel lucky every single moment that I get to spend with you!

Anna Mae G.

I'm so lucky I get to love you brunette mommy. Ur armpits smell soo good. Luv to be ur mini dragon maid. thanks for making me so lucky lucky


There's no way I can stretch my arms wide enough to measure how much I love you, but these arms are open for you every moment of every day!

la firebrand ms X

roses is red violets is blu I’d Love so much to See your thoughts @ NYT too.


I love you very much. Thank you for being my girl and trying so hard. You’re my person and I can’t imagine what it would be like without you. P

Green Lantern

Our love shines through brightest day and darkest night. I love you every day and every day still to come.

Dearest One Lydia

Happy Valentine's Day darlin'. Thank you for being my forever Valentine. Here's to 2024 bring us both more love and peace. Stay cute! Love Mom


How my life has changed because you’re in it. You are the sweetest, sexiest, coziest love of my life. Adoration and love is what I have for you! Muahh

Allie the Agile

In early morning with moons in flight, Cozied up throughout the night Hot Java flowing no matter the hours, Our love is brighter than meteor showers


Grond! Round my pallid heart, seven walls and seven gates stood. Who could breach them? Grond! Long was your forging, Deep is my longing. Grond!


I just really miss you. I’m dating new people but I haven’t found anyone who has made me laugh or could soothe me like you did. I hope you’re well. <3


Thanks for coming into my life and helping me experience a healthy relationship. I have so much gratitude for us and look forward to our growth XOXO


I saw something in you. You made me feel seen and heard. I hope we can see each other again.

Boo x 2

You are the best. Best at loving me, being kind, and showing up for us. Not me, or you, but US. You are the light in my life and I LUV U BOO x 2!!!!!!


No love from above Ice not nice Frozen in with dog & wife The two BEST things in my life Your always in my heart We’ll never be apart I love u 4 ever!


You are the light to my darkness. You are so beautiful, kind, and honest. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.


In the dead of winter, The leaves, golden with sun The birds, a choral backdrop Your laugh, embraced my soul -A memory in technicolor from Mt Tabor


Love you so much, Rando. You'll always be my favorite partner xoxo -Boo


You are my very favorite lightning strike. Love, KE


Such a Kool Kitty, you're the cats meow


You’re my butch dreamboat forever. I’m so glad I finally found you. Will you be mine? 💘(No promises on Wordle or Scrabble tho 😂) ♥️♥️♥️


This LOVE has me swimming in the ocean deep while floating in outer space. Human backpack cuddles and eyeball kisses forever, Boo. 789 for the 357!

Baby Cakes

I love you and can’t wait to go on more hikes and aventures with you. Hope you see all the big birds you can this year. Love, Leesh


You are so wonderful and weird for me. 13 years is not enough, let's go for the high score!

Polar Baby,

I love you like The Golden Girls love cheesecake. I totally drool when I think about you. And so on & so forth. After 20+ years, I assume you get it.


memories with half-lives that exceed this lifetime, not waiting, not wishing, and always for you


Hey my Rockstar Girlfriend! Cannot wait to get all the way into 2024 with you and scoop out all the best bits to share. Love you so much! -Ryan


Roses are red, violets are blue, this is the last Valentine’s before I marry you! I love you more with each day, which is wild after 6 years! -Bubba

Jolene (aka Gooby)

You're my best friend in the world. To be love is to be changed, and you have changed me for the better. I love being girls together with you <3


roses are red, our haters are just fans. i love you! - Tardigrade


You are my love. You are my joy. You are my safety. Thank you for taking care of my heart.


Will you be my BFF Maybe Someday? Love, Nikki


Is it unconditional love or are you just using those expressive brown eyes to loosen my grip on that treat bag? Either way, I love being your person.


You know you are my person even if you drive me crazy- after a 1/4 century( actually more)! You are still my valentine. I love you. c


Happy VD to my one and only! I Love you!


jus so ya know, it isn't a competition with Theodore. i'll always love you just a bit more!


Love you- you help me purr and strive for perfection! Never get enough of you - let’s fly more! You are the best DEAL! XOXO flighty Katie

Chef Jess

Happy Valentine’s Day Honey, I love you more than anything in the whole world, Will you be my valentine this year (and all the rest?) Love, Your Girl


out of billions truly you are my person. A just so fact that keeps me believing in the magical and whimsey. Grumpy old man butt