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My love for you only grows and grows as time goes by. The life we've built together is better than anything I could have ever imagined.


You slay zombies & chop all the ingredients! You speak Birds & my love language. U Are always down 4 Blackrock & a good driving-adventure. Hap v day.


Whether the weather be cold or whether the weather be hot, let me tell you now, I'll tell you, I love you, a lot.

Unexpected Gal Pal

Platonic life partners Amirite? No, I definitely want to kiss your face. We’ll figure it out.


You are the granola to my yogurt. The cream to my coffee. The nooch to my popcorn. The honey to my tea. Love you!


Ur the best mama Archie n Louie Could ever ask for We love u alotta <3

Mr. G

I’m glad we met. Thanks for writing note. You’re kind, fun and smart. So enjoy my time with you. ❤️yummy and fuzzy ❤️ Ms H

Chicken lips

What gross pet names we create to reflect a love so ancient, so cosmic, so very hot. You my angel, my love, are the best valentine gift of all!

Darling Wood Wife

...There's a full moon risin' Let's go dancin' in the light…


What’s cookin’, good lookin’? Happy 20 to u my sweet babboo!


I love you so, I’m sorry you’re one winger right now but you’ll always be king chickadee of my heart!

Izzy the juggler

You are so kind, creative, and powerful. Don’t forget that you are worth the world and you are perfect right now and as you grow too! + U hot as F***!


I love you and will always laugh at your cringey dance moves until you die first! Love, Nubbin


We have been through so much; Not touching the sinful floor, string smoking, jailbird dog, fez hat, & trying jello with butterscotch. Love u helldawg!


My dear sweet Milotivich, You are the sun, lighting my world with endless joy. I am forever grateful for your love.


Hello Beautiful Man Jas! I love you! Baby Unicorn You Are Rare & Precious To Me! You Are Loved & You Are Loving! I Wish You So Much Love & Healing

MY BOY Colton

You make my world sane,safe & always FULLY REALIZED. I am honored to be YOUR SIR. As we continue on our journey & experiences-LOVE LIGHT JOY & PEACE!


I'm not tidy, And I snore like a log. You make me dinner, But I eat like a hog. I have mirth that's lots of fun, I'm out of letters so now I'm done

Tanna Banana

18 years gone by now, it’s hard to believe. Let’s go back to where it all began. I’ll show you the beach! Sup?


Oh how I adore three! With you, every Graunch is filled with glee. Garbanzo, you are my little bean. Love, your first follower, your Maggie


I am Catwoman, this much is true, my life has been better, since I met U. I luv ur brains as much as ur body, so can I take u out & buy u a hot toddy?

mon petit chou

you know you got it when no flocon flocon can match yours. ta chou


You’re the love of my life and the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Thanks for being the best, smartest, foxiest, most creative partner EVER!!!

Nik aka Bebe

Roses are red, violets are blue, but you’re like sunshine from which they grew. V-day is cheesy like this poem, so let’s be easy & cook at home.


Your Poodle loves you, yes he do! (And Happy Birthday, to you know who!)

Near, far, wherever you are… Happy v’day, mate


I will forever be in shock in how I landed such a catch as sweet as you.You're the reason I stayed in Portland, despite how miserable the rain is.ILY


I don't know what will happen, but I hope our future is filled with more agates, hot vegan gos, looong nights, food adventures, bouldering. xoxo ilysm


Olive Garden? Love, David

Darrin, Mr.B & Moose

The sweetest of my peas, I love you so much!!! 💗 Sarah


“you looking like a glass of MILK” - NLE Choppa muah, lover boy

My OC Girlies

I'm glad you exist. And that we can relive 2004 together all year. <3

Avocado Chris

Holy Guacamole! If loving you is wrong, I don't want to be ripe.


Happy Valentine's Day Boobee. I'm glad you are my Valentine, and let me be as goofy as I possibly can be. I hope you have an amazing day. Your Beeboo


Baby boy will be here any day and I’m so excited to share this next journey with you. I love you so much and I’m so very ready to see us be parents :)


Stealing time, blow my mind, you so fine, walk the line, bust a rhyme, lemon and lime, my Valentine, we just ride. -EL


No more wishy-washiness…I’m in it to win it! Let’s be a family. I love you, Travy. Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxo, Melissa


Thank you for opening up my world and being a model of beauty and empathy. Every day with you is a warm, bright one. You are my proudest moment. -Sab

Mr. Winky

You are my adorable bedfellow, confident, and above all- my friend. I hope time keeps us in good health and continued affection.


The Megan Fox to my MGK, so glad we met that fateful karaoke evening and can embark on this silly little intercontinental romance together.


You make my flower flourish. When I think of you, my lips pulsate with desire to lick your face. Please keep the mustache.


Whatever we are, you make my heart go “Bob.” I’m so dang glad you exist in the world and I get to exist at the same time. Love you like crazy cakes


Happy 1.416 years being together! I love you! :) -J&D

Lover Boy

Like a Subaru, our love has a strong rear end, gripping tight to every corner and curve. Happy Valentine's Day to my favorite ride! Xoxo, Princess


A decade in you're still better than a ball of yarn & saucer of milk. Thanks for bringing home the bananas. From now til forever <3 your Kitten


Happy Valentine's BeeBoo! Every day with you is fun and silly and that makes me so happy. Thank you for being you. Your BooBee <3

Mrs. C

My sweet Love, thanks for hanging in there with me. Your heart is so generous. Now let’s focus on getting you healed. Xo mr.c

Big D

U make me so goddamn happy U were worth the w8 I love ur bad jokes & hairy son that kicks me in bed I think our love is fit 4 print I love U Big D


I'd choose you a thousand times over and another thousand after that. Thanks for being my Bunny. Love you, Bunny Bear

Mrs. Toots

I fucking love the fuck out of you! You kill me up with your hatred of Tom Petty and your love of Jimmy Buffet. You are my exact style!! I love you!!!


Thank you for being a wonderful teammate and working so hard together at it this year. Let's become vampires and keep it going FOREVER!


We can still build this dream together. No one's gonna stop us now.


From the first Stare-Day by those amazing eyes. You’ve had me memorized about you. You’re an incredible woman that I want to get to know more. Jamz!


Meow meow MEOW meow meow… meow? Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Can a gay girl get an amen? Love, your wife.


We love you more than the sun and stars, We are so glad that you are ours. Love, the they/them aunties.


We've been through a lot together. I've been with a lot of cities, but you're the one I can't stop loving. Let's hold hands and kick ass. *smooch*


I love your adventurous spirit and drive to conquer every goal. The goose and I are proud of you. Stay driven. Stay swoll. BSO. I love you.


We fell in love in the 90s--fate kept us apart for years but finally we were united in 2010! Times have been tough but our love is stronger. XXX OOO

Zach, my sweet love

It's been quite a journey so far. I look forward towards what is in store for us yet. I'm grateful to have found the love of my life to share it with.

Telegram Sam

You're my main man! 18 years of joys, laughs, voyages, ugly crying, and "here's the thing" soapboxes. All this? I couldn't, without you. Fr'evers.


I love you so much! The last year has been a dream come true. I'm looking forward to another. I'm gonna get you! and your little dogs too! :-)


Thank you for being the Michael Jordan of being a massive ho. I love you.


You are our special baby, the glue of this family. We love you!

Ricky Rich

You're the love of my life. Let's do the damn thing already and be the power couple we're destined to be. <3 love u to the moon baby xo forever yours


Darling Colleen, you light up the room like you light up my life. I will love you forever. Together we can do anything, let's find joy in 2024 -Stevie


I'm looking forward to another year of fun adventures together with our weird little family! 💍 <3 -A


You are the jelly to my peanutbutter, it's better when we're smashed together. I adore you more every day. -J


Thank you for making these last five years of marriage the most memorable years of my life. I'll forever cherish your cheeky charisma and warm hugs.


You are my favorite person on earth! Vada, Willoughby, and the Jeff's couldn't love you more, homie.


It’s been a wild and wonderful few months! Even though I think Valentine’s Day is lame I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you. Xoxo


Love you tons hon! Thanks for being such a great partner! Super excited to hopefully upgrade TeamPancakes to a full stack in 2024. XOXO Chachi


Thanks for putting up with all my stinky farts. Love, Lubs


I thought I'd run out of time to find a crazy love compatible with mine. Then there was you, a date at Our Father's Place, & a marriage! I love you.


Thank you for warming up my gasagna and pushing me on the butt swing and belly swing. Gussa, Leftyboy and I are so lucky to have you. Love, Roobaby


from one bee to another, I’m so glad I was wrong about my name

St00bie B00bie

Happy V Day to my favorite (almost) daddy. I lubb you more than anything and appreciate every bit of you. You’re my person ❤️ - $hort Dog


You showed me what love tastes like, and like any delicacy I should savor it upon my tongue and caress upon my lips every chance I get. Sensei


I love you because you are my best friend and you know me so well. You claim me when I am crazy. You support me when I fall. You are the best Dad too.


“How much do you love me, my dear?” “as I love my life.” “better nor all the world.” “Why, I love you as fresh meat loves salt”

Zach & Jordan

I always carry you in my heart & think of you a million times a day. You two are my sweetest memories & hope to make more soon. Love always, Mom


You once lamented that your partner won't let you peg him. I wanted to offer myself but didn't want to mess up our friendship. But my butt is yours.

Audrey and Brandon

I miss you guys. You will always be friends in my eyes. Let's make up and become acquainted again. There is so much I want to tell you about. Josh

Doobie Doobdoob,

The best traveling companion I could ever dream of...You're "very special"....and I hope that our journey together never ends.... Luffing you!


How's that goal of 35 going? PS, I'm haunted by every black Camry.


"You are a perfect husband and a perfect father. We will love you forever." (from the goose, but I wholeheartedly agree) You da best.


You are loved, muffin top. Happy Valentine's Day.


You are sweet like candy. Your nude body with the chest tattoo is eternal beauty like the Italian statues of Goddess. I want you in my arms again


JASOooooN DERULOOOOooo! Valentine’s Day, Babygirl! Love you with all my heart, peanut.


You make my life complete, and I know I don't say this enough, but I LOVE YOU!!!


You stole our hearts! Thanks for your continued love & support for Portland Sunday Parkways. Can't wait to celebrate community at the 2024 events!


I hate your stinkin guts. You make me vomit. You are the scum between my toes. Love, Alfalfa


You got my attention when you ruined a dinner party and you stole my heart at IKEA. Thank Goddess for Christian Music Festivals. Your Cat.


9+? years of nuggie love & our love keeps growing! May we rub our booties and bellies together till the sweet end.

Mister E

Met in a tea shop Your songs and love can’t be beat ‘Cuz you are the feet!

Brother Bruce

We LOVE the work that HOMEpdx & Clay Street Table volunteers share with us in feeding the hungry. THX Partner! -Your friends at First Christian Church


You’re the light to my dark, the peacock to my llama, the vino verde to my margarita. You’re my best friend and I love you so much! <3 B


You make me really happy. Thanks for putting up with the ADHD chaos I constantly invite. You're a damn fine rock and I'm proud to be your wife.


We met at a goth picnic 22 years ago and I'm still batty for you. I love to travel the world, you and me, Punk Rock Girl. Love, your Vampire Sloth


I can’t imagine life without you. You are the love of my life and I can’t wait to marry you this year.