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Mi amor, te amo muchísimo. You are tender, caring and intelligent. I adore you and am very lucky I get to spend sweet days with you.




You are the anchor that keeps the ship of my soul moored to the shores of this life. I am so in love with you. Happy 3rd anniversary, my valentine!


I fucking love smoking weed.


You're my favorite, my baby, my booty. Love is gay.


You turned a country girl into a city girl. I’m grateful that breakfast at Heidi’s turned into the love of my life. ~S

Snuggle Bear

How has it been 10 years of tender, loving growth and connection? There's no one I'd rather do life with. You're really the best. Love, Panda Bear


I love you very much, and you mean the world to me. You're my everything!


From now until forever, I love you. MB.

Pancake Lord

The world is on fire; the sky is falling, and the foundation under us is unsteady. And yet, we have strength in each other, always. Love you forever.


You mean the world to me your as lovely as can be I'm so glad you became my wife, the day you said I do changed my life


After the party it's me and you.

Comfortably Dumb

You 4 make life so joyful and laughter-filled. In awe of all your passions, values, and individualities, and I'm honored to be your friend! Love you!


I feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be when I open my eyes to see your face in the morning light. May this continue to be our best year yet.

Katie J

Thank You for putting up with me for 25 years. Many years could not have been easy. I LOVE you and admire your creative ideas. - Park Ranger

Hottie & LizMeister

Love you guys so much, Life is easier with you, Many years are left!


I love all of you with my whole heart. Don't ever change, boo.


Happy Valentine’s day to my best girl in this world -C


Happy Valentine’s day to my man who hangs the moon -C


I'm tortellini in love with yous! I cannelloni only live so long without yous. Like unrinsed spaghetti good friends stick together ❤️

Bubba Gump

L-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-love you 'til I die/With my chin up high/Fuck 'em all, fuck 'em by. You're the handsomest scumbag I've ever known & I love you madly.

King Darioush,

May every day be like a holiday. I love you!



Your song..

Your gentleness is a blessing on this earth. You bring calmness and joy through your heart onto others I’m so thankful for you in the world. Love you


You're hotter than sin, sweeter than honey, and you brighten every piece of my life that you touch. It's January 25th and I'm so in love with you.


From our first date that spanned three locations and at least a couple of walls (IYKYK), you have been a light in my life. I love you. Aaron


I hope you and Nibz are well! I’d move all the mountains in Oregon if you’d give us another chance? TQM! Tu eres el amor de mi vida. Te extraño! <3


Being married to you has made the last 6months the sweetest of my life. I love you, I adore you, I obsess over you! I’m in this for life. 5EVER XOXO


We're multiplying for world domination and I love you so for this. xoxoxo


To My Love Dragon. Our love is hot and on fire. I love our mystical adventures. Your love and hugs are Amazing. I will fly around with you anywhere.

Peanut Head

I’ll let you smell my feet forever. Love you mucho. <3


I love you like the dogs love popcorn. Be mine, forever. XOXO


My darling dung cleaner for our rescue animals. I don't care how you smell, you are my true Stinky Sweetie!!!💏💩💩💩


I am completely obsessed with you, you're so sweet, funny and loving. I want you forever and always, you are my missing piece, my perfect match<33


Here's to our whole decade of Valentine's Days together! Love, Hana <3 Go, Team Binturong!

Brussels Sprouts Man

Thinking of you, always. xo.


Our weekends together have been the best times of my life, I hope we never stop. I love you. I love you. I love you.


I love you so much! It’s been almost 6yrs since the best first (week long) date ever. I am 4ever obsessed with you loml!! xoxoxo yr bbg


You have the biggest heart, so big you had to give it to two women, lol. Happy Valentine’s Day. Love you forever.


I cherish our sweet love journeys together, not to mention our cuddles with Susan & Oona too. Kisses and squeezes, always and 4ever. You're the best.

Faolan & Rune

Our love is my lucky joy every day of the year, I adore you both to the moon! Also, hooray for Feb 15th, aka: discount chocolate day! Love, m2sE


My love for you does not wane I think about your strength, kindness, humor and love often these days. You bring me warmth in love. Gerich veleth nín


10 years, babby! What a rollercoaster ride! Let’s have a shot and a nap <3

Sana Banana

Our love could be a voting adult, soon it will be able to rent a car, but it will always be forever. Love ya babe!

Guy(Daddy Long Legs)

Feb 14th, we celebrate 14th months of our love. You’ve got the longest legs, the most patience and the best cuddlecore ever. Love you forever! -M & Z

Noelly Poelly Olley

You are my sunshine! I love the way you make me laugh and how cuddly you are! Luv U Forever & Always - Little Bear 💓


You’re the froggy to my lily pad. Looking forward to when it’s just the two of us.


I think I miss you

Jeffrey TheVelcroDog

We're so proud of you and the dog you've become. The world can be scary but you're so brave...except when a leaf falls near you...or you see a shadow.


You are my favorite toy. I keep you in my mouth where it's safe and warm. I will not destroy you like I destroyed all the others. Love, Jeffrey

Saint M.

If there is a peace of heaven on earth it’s you singing at the top of Mt. Tabor. Last summer you were my golden hour. Love, K.

Dennis & Peanut W.

I couldn't do it without my beautiful big & small boys - Dudes rock!


Couldn’t have made it this year without your love! Grateful for you everyday. Love, Burt


Thanks for the unexpected visit, thought I’d never see you again, I’ll never forget you. You’ve saved me many times. Maybe in another life… - A


Please don’t quit being so awesome and hot all the time. It makes it hard to get things done, but I love looking at you. Love, Jen


“Did you feel that?” Time stood still. I was water; your name dissolved in cosmic consciousness and my Irish goodbye. Saudade for a cairn on the path.


You are beautiful like a thousand rainbows, and bright and warm like a perfect summer day UwU


I love us. You said it best, our love has been so damn sweet. I will always love you and be home for you I feel seen and understood like never before.


My ride or die. The coolest girl I’ve ever met. There’s no one I’d rather be in a coven with. Will you be my Virgo valentine?

Old Rat

Boss bitch gonna work, gonna snuggle day zoomy pup. Let's flop together forever with our little family. You're the best hot milf a man could have.

B. Yanka Wonka

In my dream, you are juggling orbs of light. Ojos abiertos, beyond the world of bread and circus. The universe winks and the cosmos giggle! -Sunflower


You with misty streets and soulful skyline, that perfect blend of love and pain. I’m sorry I had to leave to see you clearly. Nest, warmth, home. <3

Sweet Sample O' Matt

It turns me on when you spank my ass, play guitar, and get lost in the woods with me. I love you til stars ... Pinki Tuscaderro

True Love

“True love will find you in the end This is a promise with a catch Only if you're looking can it find you ‘Cause true love is searching too”


Roses are red, But you don't like flowers, I wanna bone, For hours and hours. -Katie


I love you so much darling. Glad to be able to say it in print again! I can’t wait to embark on our homeowner era together. -M


"Hey slugger you've hit a home run with my heart! Our love is like a well-thrown curveball - unexpected, but always right on target. Happy V Day BB!


You make me feel so lucky every single day. I am so excited to love you for the rest of our lives.. and to always win the race! ;) I love being “us.”


I think you're a total hottie. -fountain


Love you more than these cats love ripping up our floorboards!

Michael (Mr. E)

20 years; TWO DECADES (!!!) on a ride that’s wild, sweet, and beautiful - just like you. Happy Anniversary, my darling! I love you so much XO TC$

Michael (Mr. E)

20 years; TWO DECADES (!!!) on a ride that’s wild, sweet, and beautiful - just like you. Happy Anniversary, my darling! I love you so much XO TC$

True Love

“True love will find you in the end This is a promise with a catch Only if you're looking can it find you ‘Cause true love is searching too”


Noodle, you are the love of my life... will you marry me?


OMG you’re my husband now! You make me wanna go crazy down by the lake. May I think about you in the tub tonight? Happy Valentine’s Day Love PickleNR


You ignite my passion! For learning, for understanding, for caring and connection, and bafflingly for economics. You're an amazing professor!

Burger Frog

You’re hot, let’s make out and rub our hard tummies together. Love you boi, Grease Ferret


Thanks for the cuddles and for keeping life interesting. You make me smile just thinking about you. You're my favorite and my best friend. Love you! A

Maxisaurus Rex

I love being your mom. I hope I'm showing you how to be your own true to be the hero in your story. Tiamo, momma


I hope 1day we can address the science of what happened...the realistic perception of it all. I hope we can go back to being best friends. I miss that


I'm glad to be your bff, wingman, pain in your ass. I hope u find magical love again, you deserve it. I hope she's a red head 2. #iknowwhatulike clem

Dirty Heart

Growth... accountability..grief..loss. I wonder who u r now. U never needed 2 pretend with me. Id have loved u, even gay. We'd have figured it out Ftr


I’m forever grateful for the steps you & I took in this universe that led you to me. You’re so tender and FUN. Let’s make out horizontally again soon.


Thank you for being my best friend, boyfriend and my favorite "sit on the bathroom floor" partner


Ur smoking hott & I wana get freaky w U! U sexy man hunk! Let's go crazy on each other's gentiles & minds xoxoxo The Nefarious Gangsta of Love, Ann

French girl

Your love moves him. Yes, him. Build trust, show off, make him laugh, reclaim what's yours. It's still true. You would always be friends, you two. 333


I can't believe I've lived my whole life without you.

My Darling Squirell

Ure small im tight, let's try a taste tonight! This feathery-fowl wants to live and love in your Fancy-Tailed world From : Lil'Bird.


9 years ago we went on our first date, we hung out for 48 hours straight and then for 9 years. I love this neverending date and I love you!

↔ You mined 23 689 $. GЕТ >>> ↔


Marge’s Mom

If you were a shirt at Dan Flashes, you’d be the most wild, aggressive, and complicated pattern. I would pay $1,000. Love, Your little pimp

Johnny pie

Live, laugh, love you forever! Use your mouth guard and cuddle hard. XOXOXXXXXX

Mary Pie

Happy Valentine's Day to my partner in crime, best friend and soul mate. I love you boo♡ sincerely your SMOOTH OPERATOR♡♡♡


I only have 150 characters to share my love and that will never be enough but luckily, I get to experience your care and kindness every goddamn day.

M. Josette

From the bottom of my feet to the peak of Mt. Hagen, I Love you. Always my Bestica, always my Tuky, always my Love. Je t'aime! SMACK! DOODLE!


You tend to drive me absolutely insane! But yet, I still love you so much, and wouldn't want to spend a day with anyone else but you. Happy V Day!


Your love fills my days, and I cherish every moment we share. Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Jess


I love you best friend.


Thank you for treating me with so much care, respect, and patience. I treasure every minute I get to spend with you. Happy Valentine’s! 💖Abbey


All of my love, appreciation, and hopes for happy hedonism when this arrives and/or is noted in whatever form it is noted in.