We have a soft spot of Jesus-ish/emo-ish (which is worse?) rock act Manchester Orchestrahere is what I wrote about their last album—and the Georgia band is prepping full-length number three for release on May 10th. But regardless of your take on the band, you REALLY need to watch this video.

Directed by the duo of Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, known collectively as "Daniels" (up until now this was their previous claim to fame), the visually stunning clip for "Simple Math" follows as nostalgia-heavy plot line involving a father, his son, and one epic car crash. The clip is both exorbitant and overtly dramatic—plus it looks like it cost a mint to create, which it very well might have since the band is on Columbia Records—but it's money well spent. Watching it reminds me of the first time I saw a Michel Gondry video, it's just so fascinating.

End Hits: Seatbelts save lives.